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Archive for December, 2009

Question of Trust

Trust used to mean “big”.

Trust used to also mean “concurring with what other people usually believe.”

As a new year’s resolution I intend to explore the issue of trust more closely, as it became rather apparent that trust had become a somewhat political issue and people’s understanding of their surroundings warped accordingly.

As a broad and general word of advice, ask not what the source (person/channel) has to deliver but ask also where that source derives this information from and what motives are at play. Trust is not a matter of falsehoods and truisms (of which there are few in this world, usually pertaining to physical sciences, not social sciences). Trust can be earned based on many criteria and few sources remain which can be trusted. Each source has its biases, which is why news, for instance, is delivered very differently depending on geographical location. Diversity of sources can sometimes establish trust.

Truth should be absolute, so lacking consistency there is no truth to be found.

Thanks, Harvey and Anita! (and Wallclimber)

JUST over a week ago I wrote about the Harvey and Anita wedding anniversary. This lovely couple had just mailed me a cheque (watch closely).

[Note: removed]

Another wonderful friend of almost the same age made a cartoon for me (which I am also grateful for).

OMG ponies small

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