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More Xmas and Birthday Photos

Cake Roy Schestowitz

Xmas Roy Schestowitz

Altar Roy Schestowitz

31st Birthday

Thanks to Rhoda for this card…

Birthday card

Happy New Year (2012)

Blogging Gear Downed, Electricity Goes Through Ceiling

MY blogging pace has certainly changed recently. I have slowed down in order to give way and priority to other activities. Regardless, I have also been inactive because my father was visiting. He departed this afternoon.

All in all, however, it’s acceptable and very much aligned with my intentions. I am beginning to think of rearranging my blog and let is revolve around links and short opinions. I’ll make a start with a piece of news that caught my sight the other day.

Study Commissioned by AMD Reveals Scope of Annual U.S. Data Center Energy Consumption: 45 Billion kWh, at Cost of Nearly 3 Billion Dollars

AMD Calls for Increased Collaboration between Technology Industry and Government Officials to Track and Reduce Energy Consumption

Antennas and satellite dishes

Being Widepread Versus Being Popular

AS another year opens, I would like to wish all the readers a happy and joyous new year. I am wishing and hoping to see a continued trend where not only is Open Source being promoted (2006 was the year of desktop Linux in my eyes), but also Freedom gets properly understood, appreciated, and embraced.

SparkleI could probably count on hand the number of times I used Windows and other proprietary software this year. I never use Windows, yet I am fairly familiar and even proficient with it, owing to memory. Yes, it is not because it’s intuitive. It’s because it has neither changed much nor evolved for a decade. It remained widespread for the same reason Britney Spears and Macdonald’s are popular (or just “successful”).

I’ll close with an odd and sarcastic statement.

Windows is used by the most people, so it must be the best“, says Hugh-Gotta B. Kiddin Mae.

Make prevalence no indication of quality. Same with cost. If needed, make it your new year’s resolution. Again I say:


KDE Celebrates a Fine Decade

K Desktop Environment

OHE KDE project celebrated its 10th anniversary last night. The wonderful work done by its contributers and volunteers has greatly enriched my life in the past few years, so I would really like to thank them.

Productivity-wise, KDE appears to be best bar none. As one example of its cutting-edge features, KDE offers tabbed shells and file managers. It has incorporated this functionality for several years. These increase productivity and should become popular for the same reason that Midnight Commander became popular many years ago (and continues to be used by a visible minority of users).

At times I was pondering a move from SUSE to the more brittle Kubuntu. SUSE is becoming more GNOME-inclined while package management over at the Canonical/Ubuntu camp seems tempting. In any event, my experience with GNOME was a satisfactory one, but long-time dependence on advanced KDE features could not be ignored. KDE has that special touch and it is trivial to use once familiarity is gained.

Certifications Make All the Difference in the World

MIAS IRC presentation

ONLY a year ago, before ODF became the ISO standard, I had to engage in lengthy and complex arguments over formats. I was doing fine by my own, but the issue of exchange arises in wider public arenas. Not anymore though. The crowning of ODF gives all the protection that I require. Here is an anonymised E-mail that I have just sent.

>Dear Roy
>> Please can you email a sample of your presentation file so
>> that the IT guys here can find the relevant software and
>> load it onto the equipment in the lecture room.
>> Please send it by return

Hi [anonimised],

This file is in OpenDocument Presentation format, which
is the international standard for presentations (ODF). One
common applications that handles it is OpenOffice 2. I
understand that Microsoft intends to catch up with the standards
in Office 2007, essentially by supporting ODF through a plugin.

Many thanks in advance,


I will be presetning at Oxford University later this week.

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