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NHS UK: The Dog Ate My Data, But Thousands of People Get Hospitalised With COVID-19 Each Day, Thousands Die Each Week

Does this look like the pandemic is under control???


And we’re not even seeing all the data.


They finally admit or confess to having data issues in “weekly deaths with COVID-19 on the death certificate” (soon 200,000). I mentioned this last week. In their own words:

Delay to update of weekly deaths with COVID-19 on the death certificate

Because of a technical issue, weekly registered deaths with COVID-19 on the death certificate have not been updated.

Figures will be added in a future release.

Some time in May (around the middle of the month) total deaths will exceed 200,000. Why was data lost or delayed? Microsoft issues again? It’s another blunder that they use Microsoft Office to handle such sensitive and important data.

There are other issues today, but those aren’t even the full story. We have no decrease in cases, only decreases in testing (lowest levels since 2020). To quote:

Update to headline cases only for England

Because of a technical issue, it has only been possible to update figures for cases for England (nation) by report date.

Case metrics by specimen date for England and for English regions and local authorities will be updated in the next release.

If we tested more, the numbers would look a lot more scary. So the government decided not to test enough (which means it easier for COVID-19 to spread).

Tests are meant to help identify who should isolate, not to merely affirm that one’s sickness (or hospital stay) is, indeed, due to COVID-19.

Our Prime Minister Borisnaro Said ‘Let the Bodies Pile High’ (and Now They Do, Even in Spring)

His confidants have admitted it already

COVID end of April

Today, UK Count of Deaths With COVID-19 (in the Death Certificate) Officially Rose Above 190,000, But 3,593 More People Have Died Since

190,000 COVID-19 death certificates

LET’S EXAMINE the actual data, not media spin.

As shown above, there are finally numbers for the week ending on the 8th (two weeks ago). The numbers weren’t there earlier this week, as I noted here in this Web log. The media (especially BillBC) isn’t likely to mention this, in fact the subject has been relegated to some low-down section of the news/noise site, but we’re now at over 190,000 deaths with figures that are already a fortnight old. Daily death tolls (increments) since then:

22-04-2022 284
21-04-2022 682
20-04-2022 508
19-04-2022 482
14-04-2022 350
13-04-2022 651
12-04-2022 288
11-04-2022 348

Total: 3,593

With about 2,000 deaths a week it looks like in the middle of May we’ll exceed 200,000. The media probably won’t say a thing because it’s “old news” and only “idiots” still talk about the pandemic…

Remember: our government asserts it has a monopoly on deciding when it is and isn’t a crisis. Based on lobbyists probably… NHS officials do (repeatedly in fact) warn about this current trajectory. They say the workload of patients still resembles wintertime.

Borisnaro used to bemoan COVID deniers. Who’s the denier now? Who’s the “COVIDiot”?

Go Back to Work (the Office), Folks, This Corona Thing is Sooooooo Over

Coronavirus deaths in spring

COVID-19 Numbers in the UK Haven’t Fallen, Testing Has Fallen (Hiding the Problem) to Lowest Levels in 1.5 Years and Death Toll Continues to Climb

COVID testing volume over time (we’re back to 2020 levels!)

COVID testing volume

2020 # of PCR tests (more is better, means you can better reduce or more effectively contain the spread):

2020 PCR tests

2022 # of PCR tests:

2022 PCR tests

Today’s death toll is highest in a long time:

Today's death toll

Number of COVID-19 Patients in Hospitals Highest in a Week, Over 500 More Deaths Added Today (But Tests Down to Lowest Level Since 2020!)

It’s not fake news at BillBC when they quote the NHS rather than politicians

BillBC on NHS

THE death toll continues to grow. New figures were released just minutes ago.

With holidays or long weekend (Bank Holiday) out of the way, tallies are taken and the NHS says this about an increase, contrary to what BillBC has been trying to argue:

19-04-2022 17,883
18-04-2022 17,442
17-04-2022 17,544
16-04-2022 17,724
15-04-2022 17,812

So the hospitals are still highly occupied, in spite of springtime officially arriving.

In terms of deaths, 508 were added today. Yesterday was almost 500. But go back to work, everyone… it’s “back to normal”….

They call this thing invisible killer. Well, when we test so little it sure becomes more invisible (and thus more transmittable).

Just Before the British Government Announced/Disclosed ~3,000 ‘Missing’ (Unaccounted for) COVID-19 Casualties This Tally Stopped Being Updated, Indicating Almost 200,000 Deaths With COVID-19 and No Sign of Slowing Down (It’s Only Getting Worse)

No update in 19 days? Seems strange. That number should reach 200,000 soon (maybe exceed it next month).

COVID-19 death toll March numbers

COVID-19 death toll March

The weekly tally has since then climbed to about 1,600 per week, which means we’re somewhere near 193,000 already. Why was the last update nearly 3 weeks ago? Does it damage the business agenda that the BBC is promoting?

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