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Archive for August, 2016

My New Setup (Primary Workspace)

We now have 3 dual-display laptops here, properly connected using the wonderful Synergy (we’re using it with the GUI which is Quicksynergy). My wife uses one such laptop, whereas now, having gotten a bargain on a new laptop (it cost just 99 pounds), I use two, which means 4 screens to work with in synergy. I finally got around to taking photos (a month later).

A makeover

A makeover

Why the British Government Has a Moral Obligation to Immediately Send Helicopters to Portugal

The UK has a large airborne fleet which is hardly being used except for unnecessary wars and air shows. Now that Portugal, a fellow EU member state, is burning we have the moral obligation to save not only houses but also people and livestock (we don’t know yet how far the fires would reach if not extinguished quickly enough). Any procrastination isn’t excusable here, especially if these military facilities are primarily intended to guard life. Political points too can be scored through such an operation, so I hope to see my government doing the right thing this morning. The people of Portugal would be grateful and the cost to British taxpayers isn’t of utmost interest at this stage (few would object to such an operation).

Portugal is my father’s favourite country, it’s one of my own favourites (I first visited at age 8), I have some friends from Portugal and some of my favourite music is Portuguese, so I feel like I should do everything possible; praying isn’t helping (let’s face it, fire won’t be affected by prayer) and I cannot physically go to Portugal. All I can do it compel my government to send helicopters there, maybe planes too (if they’re equipped for carrying water and fire deterrents/retardants).

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