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Archive for May, 2006

Service to Centralise Plagiarism Awareness

Book scanning

WHEN Webmasters discover that someone stole their content, they often report this to Google. Blog plagiarism has truly become a plague, but stolen content, spam, site scraping, and copyrights infringements ought to be reported to all search engines, which is why I set up this one particular Web page. It enables any Webmaster or user to report content misuse to three search engines at once (or in parallel at the least).

What was the motivator for this little handy frameset? I noticed that many people report undesirable content to just a single copany called Google. But what about the others? Shouldn’t all be infomed at once? I believe there should be an impartial, not-for-profit body that watches over content theft. somehat like the DMCA, I suppose. Such a body (or site-accessible service with interfaces) could centralise knowledge regarding Web offenders and prevent various companies from doing this independently, merely reinventing the wheel to achieve the same (search) results.

Think big(ger). Let’s get the Web more organised, better structure, and immune to fraud. Never delegate this responsibility to companies, which are slowly making our Web more commercialised and semi-privately owned.

Futuristic Gadgets

Shrimp USB drive
Yes, that’s a USB drive

SOME of these videos and images could definitely make you choke on your Cola (or whatever you drink, if anything). These are good illustrations of products that are either ahead of their time or are simply plain ridiculous.

Related items (other ‘shrimpies’)

Mobile Computer Booth/Cubicle

Inflatable office
An inflatable booth for you to work in [rolls eyeballs]

EXPAND your mind for a moment and imagine working everywhere. Imagine being able to grab your office (probably computer) everywhere you go.

If the thought seems pleasant, look no further. I have just come across what I can only describe as an inflatable igloo. Frankly, I doubt it will ever become a success. People go outdoors in order to escape, rather than pursue work in a disconnected, mobile environment.

Also see: Server in a Bubble

Meeting the European Free Software Foundation

Season of the playful penguins
Season of the playful penguins from Oyonale

I have just returned from a very nice evening/night out with the European Free Software Foundation. It was a very intersting experience, which I would have happily become a part of had it occurred more frequently.

This weekend was their annual General Assembly, so we went out for drink and dinner. I appeared to have been the only person among the group (except for perhaps one other person) who was not in the foundation or the comity. Despite this, I believe we hit it off. All in all, we got along very well as everyone was open and friendly. I managed to meet the people who coordinate participantion and contributions in different countries across Europe. I might get involved or join them in the future. We shall soon find out. The goals seem more political than technical.

Good News Come in Couples

Poor appearance model
The first mode of variation in a
poor appearance model of the brain

SOME “dreadful deadline”, which I mentioned in my previous post, is thankfully behind us, after a short extension. To make matters much better, I have just received a notification of acceptance for another conference, which saturates my once-modest publications list. Tomorrow I may find out that another paper was accepted (of which I am not the first author though).

All in all, such decent progress will make it easier for me to complete the Ph.D. fairly early. I will be presenting my work in July and fingers remain crossed for TMI. When one gets showered by many achievements at once, it is hard not to make a vanity blog post. I hope others feel happy for me as I have already informed my entire family.

Dreadful Deadline

WE are currently working on a paper which we believe can be included in the high-status journal. That journal is widely known as IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging. This will, as a matter of fact, be a revised submission and it will hopefully make it into this publication with an impact factor of 4 (very high). This paper submission was mentioned several times before and, quite frankly, there is very little information to add.

MIAS-IRC 2004 AbstractSo what is so dreadful about this particular submission deadline? Well, for a start, I have stayed awake for 24 hours straight yesterday. Then, I slept for just 4 hours and I expect the rest of the today to be rather similar to yesterday. I rarely let pressure and nervousness get to me, yet sometimes it inevitably happens, especially when peers are involved.

Combining Mac, Linux, and Windows in One Video

SOME time ago I linked to a screenshot showcasting Boot Camp. This involved Mac OS X, Ubuntu Linux, and Windows running simultaneously. There now exists a public video, which illustrates this rather exciting experience. Well, it is exciting to folks like me…

[Video omitted one week later]

This shows nothing unprecedented or novel, but it can be pleasant to watch if you fancy operating systems.

The last time I embedded an off-site video, this led to trouble and invalidated the markup. Let us hope for better luck this time around.

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