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Archive for March, 2021

Purpose of Life: A Poem

Private party berlin

Pension age afoot
Collecting things is moot
Striking at the root
Or the roots or people’s boots

Life is about freedom
Not labour for the kingdom
Family and community alike
Together at the root they strike

Collective thinking as merit
But only if the majority can have it
Indoctrination as predominant risk
From those who spy and frisk

Everybody ages
But some live in invisible cages
Life comes in stages
Indebtitude enrages

Best things money could never buy
Neither for the girl nor the guy
At the end we all sigh
It’s what we do before saying goodbye

Birthdays are a landmark
Superficiality for peasants, upon which to embark
Accomplishments not as a function of time
But time as an accomplishment

Anniversaries symbolic
Food, presents and wine for the alcoholic
Compensating for life that’s hyperbolic
Accumulating wealth by doing the diabolic

Emancipation for the mind
Is never hard to find
Reciprocating whatever you find
Your neighbour will return in kind

A life of accumulation
Neither for oneself nor a nation
It’s about the mind, not the fashion
Before arriving at the final destination/station

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