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COVID Reality: In September 2021, After Almost 50 Million Brits Got Vaccinated (4 Million of Them One Shot Only), Almost 10 Times More Deaths Than Same Time Last Year (Before Anybody Was Vaccinated)

THE truth is not always convenient. But the truth matters. I am PRO-vaccination, but not all vaccines are equal.

Efficacy isn’t what was promised, judging by the hard facts or numbers; The data is more important than artistic interpretation by British media, so we examine the data alone and present it as-is (also see “In First Ten Days of August 2021 We Have 7-8 Times More COVID-19 Deaths Than the Same Period Last Year”)

COVID-19 UK deaths, first half of September 2021:

Date Deaths Total deaths to date
15-09-2021 114 135,070
14-09-2021 139 134,956
13-09-2021 105 134,817
12-09-2021 134 134,712
11-09-2021 128 134,578
10-09-2021 135 134,450
09-09-2021 159 134,315
08-09-2021 133 134,156
07-09-2021 152 134,023
06-09-2021 136 133,871
05-09-2021 152 133,735
04-09-2021 134 133,583
03-09-2021 144 133,449
02-09-2021 126 133,305
01-09-2021 116 133,179

COVID-19 UK deaths, first half of September 2020:

Date Deaths Total deaths to date
15-09-2020 18 41,833
14-09-2020 21 41,815
13-09-2020 16 41,794
12-09-2020 18 41,778
11-09-2020 13 41,760
10-09-2020 13 41,747
09-09-2020 9 41,734
08-09-2020 9 41,725
07-09-2020 15 41,716
06-09-2020 8 41,701
05-09-2020 13 41,693
04-09-2020 7 41,680
03-09-2020 10 41,673
02-09-2020 9 41,663
01-09-2020 3 41,654

The complete numbers are even worse.

Wales and England Excess Deaths, by Week

THE other week I wrote about how “excess deaths” (UK figures)became harder to get from the government directly, so instead I got figures for Wales and England alone — from a source that has a paywall and hence I took this screenshot. For Scotland and Northern Ireland the figures would add more to the totals, but what’s noteworthy is that this summer, a lot more than last summer, in England and Wales we sometimes have 1,200-1,300 more deaths than usual in a single week. I wrote about that too. It will be interesting to see what happens this coming winter. It can say something about the AstraZeneca vaccine efficacy.

Excess deaths UK

e.ON or ‘E.ON Next Energy Limited’ Possibly the UK’s Worst Energy Supplier

Video download link | md5sum 29054acc51742e85c3b317abfd2fec10

LAST year we unwillingly (but not unwittingly) became customers of ‘E.ON Next Energy Limited’ — to use the legal/registered name — after they had bought our longtime energy supplier, a company called NPower. Things have been hectic since then because the price hikes keep coming, without any reasonable or defensible excuses, the customer support is truly awful (customer disservice), they barely take any meter readings, and they severely punish anyone still not interested in a so-called ‘smart’ meter. The video above summarises the past week’s experiences that I had with the company, citing along the way conversations I was having with them months ago when we inquired about change of supplier. Judging by about 100 bits of feedback I’ve collected online, many other people have similar complaints if not much worse.

Someone urged me to file a complaint with the ombudsman and given the way things have progressed so far, maybe I will. The way I see it, they never got my consent (to treat me so badly as a customer); heck, they merely copied my bank details and other personal details from a supplier they had bought. The acquisition should have been blocked; instead, now we have loads of clients being obstructed and subjected to gaslighting.

To be fair, I was forewarned several years ago when a good friend of mine ranted about his supplier (he said it was “e.ON” — a company I had not yet heard of). Whether they call themselves e.ON or E.ON Next and use greenwashing buzzwords like “sustainable” or “renewable”, remember they’re a truly awful company you definitely want to avoid.

The Number of Brits Who Died (and Still Die) Because of COVID-19 is a Lot Higher Than the Official Figures

THE truth of the matter is, COVID-19 changed everyone’s life. No matter where in the world; no matter what class. For reasons which I hope are mostly understandable, this blog has been mostly about coronavirus (and — by extension — health) lately. I make no excuses or even apologies for it. It’s neither regretful nor unreasonable. Earlier today I decided to study just to what degree the numbers which are published online tell us the situation or explain the true severity of it. It would be a mistake to blindly believe artistic interpretations by a government that looks for positive spin (to make itself seem responsible and competent).

So, as always, first look for the raw data, which isn’t easy to manipulate (high risk of getting caught for it). We did that before, e.g. with August fatalities. A couple of weeks ago we reflected a little, noting that there are two “types” or “kinds” of “COVIDiots”: people who think COVID-19 is “Fake News” and people who think it is “Old News” (hence they stop wearing masks, they’re overcrowding places etc.) and both groups are harmful for different but partly overlapping reasons.

According to the official government Web site, more than 25 million Brits still have not received a couple of jabs and they’re clearly not “anti-vaxxers” (that’s a fringe group which rejects every vaccination; don’t overuse this label or low-level insults; it is not helping!).

Let’s examine the numbers. It’s presented like this (and reported in the media accordingly):

UK vaccination

Figures like 90% (“88.6%”) are an alluring mirage, but another way to put it is, about 37% of the population did not receive two jabs or only about 63% of the population did. Some who got the first jab will never get a second (I have some friends like that; the first one knocked them out and they’re suffering long-term consequences; I heard the same from other countries that don’t use AstraZeneca’s problematic product).

So, where are we today? I’ve attempted to find the source data, analysing the underlying data rather than artistic interpretation of it. This is the latest I was able to find about excess deaths in England.

Excess deaths in England

This suggests that in a one-year period, in England alone, over 100,000 Englishmen/women died of COVID-19 and COVID-19 was mentioned in the death certificates of more than that.

As we noted here just under a month ago, in August 2021 about FIVE TIMES MORE Brits died than the prior August (12-13 months ago). We’ve not improved, have we? Don’t go back to the office if you can get the job done from home. I’ve been saying this for months!

Now that about 200 Brits die each day with COVID-19 during peak times/weekdays when the counting takes place and tallies get updated it seems like we made the right choice. We stay home (indoors) except when we run outside or buy food.

Directly and indirectly, going by numbers like excess deaths (the number which really matters most), it wouldn’t shock me if the lives of a quarter million Brits already ended because of COVID-19. They perished faster because of an under-prepared NHS and policies caused by a corrupt government that privatised the NHS (funneling tax money to Tory donors). Where’s accountability for politicians who took bribes? This includes Borisnaro “let the bodies pile up high” Johnson.

This was the last England report on excess deaths (more than 6 months ago). Why did they stop? For England alone (one of 4!), mind you, not counting Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Did the regime stop issuing excess deaths report for the UK? I’m unable to find more recent figures; it seems like the last report was in February. Many people died around that time in overcrowded hospitals.

A lot of this reminds me of how Russia (governed by gangsters like Putin) ‘cooks’ the numbers; to quote a report from July, “the mortality rate increased by 340,300 people in 2020, but only 42.5 percent of these deaths were caused by COVID-19 (that’s approximately 144,700 deceased). The remainder died of pneumonia (a 2.4-fold increase), diabetes (up 26 percent), nervous system diseases (up 21 percent), and “of old age” (up 20 percent).”

It’s very easy to misattribute deaths. It also looks suspicious that every day in August Russia reports almost the same numbers for COVID-19 (as does China; it’s always zero!).

“Proekt’s source close to the Cabinet believes that coronavirus fatalities may also have been included in these categories,” the report says.

The statement I liked most was, Russian authorities are “fighting statistics instead of problems…”

I think we’re the same with our Borisnaro.

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