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Response to the Economic Crime Victim Contact Unit (VCoA)

See disclaimer below* regarding this seemingly daring metaphor

Marilyn Monroe skirt: 'prevent them from becoming a repeat victim.'

Summary: Just 4 hours after escalating the matter of Sirius ‘Open Source’ fraud to its (previously) biggest client, which oversees police budget, the Economic Crime Victim Contact Unit (VCoA) got in touch with me regarding my Action Fraud crime report (many victims; not handled for almost 10 weeks despite escalation to my Member of Parliament), saying they “offer free [editor’s note: taxpayer-funded actually] help and advice to people who have been the victims of fraud and cyber-crime to try to help prevent them from becoming a repeat victim.” But we need action, we need law enforcement, not “advice” (action is well overdue, several months already).

MORE than a month ago I received an “(in)action fraud” message that was timed exactly 4 weeks after its submission (weekend outside working hours), specifying nothing about my crime report. I’m certain it was automated. Nobody bothered looking into that and it seems endemic at Action Fraud (it has been even worse for some; they’re literally being insulted by Action Fraud; the cops are attacking the victims of crime!** ). On Monday I received the following after Greater London Authority (London Municipality) got contacted, so it’s safe to assume someone there nudged the police to stop ignoring victims of crimes committed against staff of London Municipality (by contract; we worked on their system for many years).

Here’s a portion of what they sent (some redaction applied) and my response:

Action Fraud Report


To: Roy Schestowitz

The Economic Crime Victim Contact Unit (VCoA) is part of the Action Fraud National Fraud and Cyber Reporting Centre service. We deliver a support service for victims of fraud and cyber-crime in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We offer free help and advice to people who have been the victims of fraud and cyber-crime to try to help prevent them from becoming a repeat victim. We do not investigate crime and we cannot assist in the recovery of any losses. We will never ask you for anything as our purpose is to provide information, help and guidance.

We have received a referral in relation to the report you made to Action Fraud, crime reference number [redacted] refers.

A serious crime was committed. It was committed not just against myself but also against my colleagues. It went on for years. We’re not gullible, we are well-educated people who are literate in this domain. There was a chain of enablers in this crime. The legitimacy came from various separate factors, including some which are connected to the government. I can elaborate on this as the need arises.

The perpetrators of the crime have names. They have home addresses. You know where they live. They need to be interrogated and held accountable. The evidence is overwhelming and they do not deny the crime was committed.

If somebody gets raped, you don’t simply lecture them on how not to become “repeat victim”, you go out there and apprehend the rapist. Here too, a crime was committed, repeatedly, for years, against many people. They only found out about it this year, as there was obstruction and stonewalling, including from pension providers. The accountants and IFA refuse to even answer queries about it. They may be culpable too.

Anything short of action from Action Fraud would seem inadequate. I first contacted the police back in March after it got confirmed to me that a crime had been committed. I am not a law enforcer, so the role of the police forces is crucial.

We’re almost in July already. Is it considered normal for a case to take almost 4 months from initial report to action? You say you “do not investigate crime”, so who will investigate it and when? When will action be taken?

The message from the Economic Crime Victim Contact Unit (VCoA) — not from Action Fraud — came out of the blue as a reaction to escalation to Greater London Authority, GLA. In fact, only 4 hours passed since I contacted GLA on the matter. So it seems that in order to progress these things one needs to have special connections, e.g. working for GLA as a contractor for nearly a decade.

They have not even responded since then. Not a word. They have my postal address, my phone number, my E-mails.

But not a word. My response to them did not bounce, so it’s safe to assume they received it.

It also worries me that they got a person to respond to me only after months of efforts, including an escalation to my Member of Parliament, a former client (that it in charge of police budget), and public shaming. Not many people have time and capacity to do this. Some are too busy working all day long and are impatient, moody, helpless, and utterly frustrated.

How to get UK Action Fraud to take “affirmative action” against crime***? I can only speak from my own experience.

It goes like this:

Contact with crime report/evidence, wait 4 weeks, then escalate to MP, wait 4 weeks, then escalate to London’s authorities, then they might escalate to City of London Police (if you worked for London’s authorities) and there MIGHT be a chance of them actually taking action. Ridiculous.

If this is how law enforcement works here (or elsewhere****), then I am deeply concerned. This is the blueprint for monarchy-type regimes with immunity and impunity, where police exists only as a sort of “formality”.
* Regarding the skirt thing, the metaphor is not mine but Rianne’s as she found their language rather patronising and offensive. “Not sure the skirt metaphor helps,” one person remarked, as “maybe it is better to just say right out that the cops are engaged in victim blaming” and one “might then add that they are patronising and offensive, too, in addition to blaming the victims, as it appears standard operating procedure for them across a wide range of crime categories.”

** Remember the undercover investigation of Action Fraud, which was accused of insulting victims instead of helping them. Inadequate training and poor recruitment can lead to such low standards of response. This needs to become widespread knowledge and even mainstream TV (public broadcasting) took note of it in recent years.

*** Cops should really be more than just some folks in uniform with a public-facing Web site. Work needs to be done, otherwise crime flourishes and criminals are emboldened to commit more crime, seeing they suffer no consequences. They become “repeat criminal“.

**** As we stated some hours ago, this isn’t some “uniquely British” thing. As Ryan from Illinois (United States) recalls: “You might mention that while the police had no time to take a report of Maricel’s murder-for-hire scheme and insurance fraud, they had plenty of time to come out and frame me for being the responsible party in a car accident, and they even cited a law and showed a diagram of the accident that showed I did nothing wrong. I still had to pay $700 to fix my car and $400 for a traffic lawyer to beat the ticket. They let people who were on parole in another state that didn’t have a driver’s license or any form of insurance go. They have plenty of time to come out and frame people they don’t like. Maybe the Waukegan police saw that I was gay (there with my spouse) and shoved the ticket in my hand and laughed. Maybe they really are that stupid. Who knows? When you call the police and they show up, they’re as dangerous to you as they are to anyone else. They may take no action against the criminal and frame you while they’re there. They seem to have a rule in Waukegan that every time there’s an accident, someone gets a ticket. It’s a way for them to make money. You should see how the traffic courts work here. Boom boom boom. Hundreds of thousands of dollars a day in ticket revenue. Everyone pleading guilty to something to avoid their insurance going up. The judge doesn’t even pretend to care if any of them have done something wrong or they just want it to stop. It’s like criminal court only worse. I think I was the only one to fight them and they were so unprepared to stop and handle it that they actually let me go.”

Escalating to GLA (Greater London Authority) to See If It Can Compel Action Fraud to Take Action

Greater London Authority
There’s a dual responsibility here

Summary: As a victim of crimes committed by Sirius ‘Open Source’ I’ve contacted what was the biggest client (at some point) of Sirius ‘Open Source’ to see if they can get the police to actually do its job (this client is in charge of the police)

From what we can easily observe (since March), British police reacts to reports of crime if they’re something like murder (people nearby feel unsafe unless/until the killer gets caught) or there’s a strong POLITICAL will to solve the crime. So the reporter of a crime, typically a victim, must create that POLITICAL will, only then the police starts getting on with the program. Because they serve and protect their masters, not the victims.

On Monday I sent the following message to Greater London Authority, whose systems I worked on for a long time. I even built parts of their sites. Here’s my message to key people there:


There’s substantial progress to report on the troubling case of Sirius Open Source, the Greater London Authority (London Municipality) contractor whose deal I helped secure in 2013 when I visited and spoke to staff. They know me by name, they know me in person. Some of you met me in person. Some of your colleagues did because I was working on their Greater London Authority (GLA) sites and microsites, with ample evidence I did a lot of work for them on the sites and beyond since 2013 (sometimes in 24/7 shift coverage, i.e. overnight). My wife did the same. You know her. Some of you met her in person. Don’t look away and pretend to be strangers, as we’ve now the victims of crimes committed by your chosen contractor. You renewed several times, pending reviews, typically in meetings which involved meeting in person those who defrauded me and my colleagues. You met them and renewed while they defrauded us (we did not know until this year). My wife and I were shocked. We both resigned this past December in light of abusive behaviour at Sirius Open Source, perpetrated by the managers.

Sirius management did this to us since 2011 if not a bit earlier. They kept this hidden from everybody. They forged payslips (the payslips lied). They committed very serious crimes.

Why am I reaching out to managers at Greater London Authority? The answer is very simple. They are in charge of Action Fraud and Sirius is/was your contractor (you were our client for almost a decade); as someone who worked for you in IT as a contractor since 2013 I think it is perfectly reasonable for me to ask you to intervene, as police is treating reports of crimes with complete disrespect (not even looking into them, based on the automated reply) and then stonewalling my MP; upon reporting the crime to Action Fraud they left me hanging for 4 weeks. I then contacted my MP, who in turn contacted Action Fraud directly. And guess what; a month has passed and Action Fraud did not bother replying to her. Is it normal for Action Fraud to gaslight victims of crimes for over 2 months? I’m not alone here. My former colleagues were defrauded similarly and we have formal letters affirming this. Standard Life issued them. It’s undeniable that a serious crime took place. The company never denied it. It’s just hiding. It refuses to talk about it.

It is my understanding, having visited my lawyer a few times, that you do have an obligation to all your staff, no matter if outsourced or contracted, and moreover you can compel Action Fraud to treat crime reports with respect in a timely manner. Is this how the British government treats workers, via contractors that are rogue? Action Fraud goes under London Police (Met), so the issue is now on your desk. I have the media/press on tap.

To avoid misunderstandings, this isn’t a sole case or an ‘accident’. The embezzlement started only a few months after I had joined the company in early 2011. So it’s not something that happened very recently. The matter was reported as a crime to the police, handled by a Members of Parliament, and also reported as tax fraud to HMRC (because it constituted misreporting taxes too).

At the end of the day you got a company that worked for you very cheaply[*], but it was cheap because it was secretly stealing money from staff, i.e. you benefited from the money stolen from your own workers.

This entire scenario makes outsourcing and such contracting practices look dubious in general, not just highly risky, for legal reasons as well.

Managers at GLA, along with elected politicians, are the ones allocating the budget for the police[**]. There’s thus double responsibility here, as managers of that budget and employer (via contractor) of the victims. Whether Action Fraud has itself devolved into a “fraud” (reputable media in the UK has investigated and found exactly that!) isn’t for me to decide. I have no say on the matter, but GLA is also in the middle of a scandal, which thus has multiple angles to it.

There’s also a potential conflict of interest here, which I am fully aware of. To the cops, the fraud report concerns a contractor of their sponsor. And of course they can always just conveniently deny the role of such a glaring factor, but that’s beside the main point that GLA must now take action to spare its own reputation.

This does look good at all for the system as a whole — a system wherein white-collar crime is being protected and victims are subjected to gaslighting and time-wasting processes, which I intend to pursue nonetheless. The press will be watching the matter, as will my former colleagues, who are also victims. Some of them now work for GLA directly.


Dr. Roy S. Schestowitz
[*] They paid some of my colleagues 21,000 pounds a year for a role that should pay 2-3 times as much, not even counting the fact we all worked overnight and holidays (Christmas also); projects and high alertness tasks like 24/7 monitoring for the price close to minimum wage — sure you cannot get that anywhere near central London. But the low salary isn’t a crime, just an anecdote.



Well, how curious that all of a sudden Action Fraud got in touch (just 4 hours later). “We do not investigate crime and we cannot assist in the recovery of any losses,” they said, but at least this got escalated. Curiously enough, none of the people addressed above bothered to reply, but it seems clear the matter got escalated to “ECONOMIC CRIME VICTIM CONTACT UNIT (VCoA)” (it is their face-saving department). “Strange statement from “action” fraud,” one person told me, seeing they claim they “do not investigate crime”, but from we can gather they did start investigating (another unit).

If people report crime to get a number (and a bot message) and then a list of URLs for “tips”, then one worries for people who lack the political connections. They cannot even blog about their experiences (some Twitter account can be shadowbanned) and rely too much on media/press bothering to give them a voice.

When starting this on Monday the timeframe for this step was 5 days, as I wanted to do this right and give them the whole working week to reply. I can report with certainty, however, that of the ~8 people contacted in the municipality none bothered to respond to me directly. Some know me in person as they worked with me.

In any case, assuming the police is on the case now, we won’t disclose any more details. Let them do their job.

This type is scenario is apparently not “uniquely British”. As Ryan from Illinois put it in his message to me only moments ago, “my spouse’s sister got the fraudulent life insurance and all that happened was that the insurance company shut the policy down. The police in two Illinois cities refused to take a report and the Department of Insurance said they weren’t an investigatory agency and the Attorney General didn’t respond at all. And this was basically leading up to a murder-for-hire, most likely. So you now have the policing system of the third most corrupt US state in London.”

To quote Ryan:

“We won’t take your report!” -Gurnee and Waukgan PD

“We won’t investigate this as a crime!” -IDoI

“We won’t even answer you!” -Illinois AG

It’s because they consider his sister as more important and of higher status. So they refuse to investigate crimes she commits against “unimportant people”. Felonies, even. Just by signing his name to that form she could theoretically do 2-5 years in prison for forgery. If they took the report. Never mind attempt to defraud an insurance company. [By murdering her sibling]

Laws are only laws if they’re enforced. Guess how quickly I’d be in the slammer if I signed “Maricel Almaria” to something to defraud insurance?

It’s one-way. She can defraud insurance companies and plan to murder her brother, and the police won’t even accept the report.

I contacted the FTC and reported her too. All they did was give me a case number in case we wanted to put a long term fraud alert on [the spouse]‘s credit report for 7 years.

There are many other examples. Let’s see what the police does next.

4 Actions Needed Now From City of London Police and Action Fraud

Summary: The investigation of Sirius ‘Open Source’ and any remedial actions for the crimes committed

  1. The perpetrators of the fraud all need to be held accountable. This may also mean extradition and arrests. Several people were aware if not directly involved, possibly not limited to Sirius management but also the IFA and the accountants (without their active or passive cooperation it would not work; they legitimised this fraud).
  2. The money which got stolen from all the staff needs to be recovered; it is expected the company will claim that there’s no money left, having emptied accounts and maybe hid the money somewhere far away, maybe under other people’s names, possibly in anticipation of the fallout as soon as victims find out. This step may require subpoenas (to unveil the list of victims, then get in touch to inform them one by one).
  3. Compensation to Rianne and myself, as we were both workers who were mistreated on numerous different grounds (as above, the company may pretend that it cannot afford this). Financial accountability for this elaborate embezzlement can be passed outwards as deep-pocketed facilitators existed*.
  4. Unseal the non-disclosure agreement signed with the Gates Foundation in 2019. The timing suggests a correlation with sham staff contracts and two new shell companies, one in Washington State, not far from the Gates Foundation; this also coincided with Techrights pursuing nearly 3,000 pages from police in Washington State — those pages were eventually received from Seattle police* and did in fact confirm an arrest for pedophilia at the home of Bill and Melinda Gates.

* It is our knowledge and understanding that the company began hiding behind its accountant (I confronted the CEO about the change of address over the telephone — a very long phonecall — this past October or a day after it had happened). The company has an address at the heart and centre of London. Even its shell has the same address in London. We understand that the City of London Police is now involved (we’ve receive formal communications from the City of London Police) and we’ve also heard from someone who reckons the wheels are in motion at the police, for reasons we shall cover in the future. The City of London Police does have the powers to locate and apprehend these people. I am just a citizen, I’m not a cop, and I’ve asked the police since March to take action (this weekend is July already). There are many victims here, not just me. Noticed we’ve all along refrained from naming the perpetrators because we don’t know how many of them there are and we don’t want to falsely accuse those who are merely suspects.

** Case Investigation Report: 2014-22121 (Seattle Police Dept. [1, 2])

After WHO Declares COVID-19 Pandemic ‘Over’ Deaths in England and Wales Remain a Lot Higher Than ‘Before’ or Even ‘During’ (COVID-19 Continues to Spread and Media Does Not Investigate the Aftermath)

I AM glad to say that, according to WHO, it’s all over. Months ago it declared the “end” of the pandemic. But according to this morning’s data from ONS, which is complete data (not just a sub-sample), a lot of Brits are dying.

Here are 2015-2019 deaths:

England and Wales 2015-2019 deaths

Compare to this year’s latest on record (analogous weeks):

England and Wales 2023 deaths

So from 9.4k a week we went up to 10.7k. All this in just 4 years. 14% increase. Perfectly normal…

After One Month, or Just Over a Month, Action Fraud (UK Police) Did Not Respond to My Member of Parliament

Summary: The crimes of Sirius ‘Open Source’ aren’t being tackled; the criminals await punishment, knowing that the British government (former client) might be incentivised not to get involved

IN SPITE of turbulent conditions, our site has managed to stay online the entire weekend. We’ll have more to say about it some other day.

We’re meanwhile learning about high-level corruption in EU authorities, connected to the EPO. “On Monday they will meet to decide to relocate London in an illegal manner,” the FFII’s president told me the other day. “This is theft of democracy, as national parliaments did not decide this.” That’s tomorrow. High-level corruption seems to have been “normalised” somewhat. They seem to be getting away with it. The same is true here in the UK, even after Brexit.

Today we’re going to close this series, after 11 parts in total. We’ll tell a month-long story about my Member of Parliament (MP) in Central Manchester failing to communicate with the police, or rather, the police not bothering to even reply. Yes, here in the UK, not the EU and EC. In my personal view, a united Europe is good idea. I’ve always supported the EU. But now they become a hub of corruption and this month they’re greenlighting an ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL kangaroo court for patents, knowingly violating conventions too. How can I still support such a thing? How can anybody support such a thing? In places such as Russia, people have come to expect some arrogance in lawbreaking (“we’re above the law! What are you gonna do, eh?”), but I’m seeing the same in the EU and in the UK this year. We’ve gradually becoming more and more like the Kremlin, wherein the dictator always has the last word and doesn’t bother with laws, constitutions etc. (except when these suit him or her)

This post will lay bare the communications I’ve had with the MP or her case handler. They speak for themselves, but I will add some commentary to join the pertinent bits.

My initial message, the reaching out, was quoted verbatim in the last part. I quickly wrote a short description of the crime and emphasised that the crime also had victims other than myself. To her credit, my MP was always quick to reply and was professional*.

Here is the response that I received a month ago (23/5/2023):

Dear Dr Roy

Thanks for getting in contact with [MP]]. So that [MP] can look into this further could you provide a copy of your response from Action Fraud and any crime reference you have.

I did as asked on the same day:

Hi, the response dated 20/5/2023:


On 26/5/2023:

Dear Roy

[MP] has contacted Action Fraud on your behalf requesting that they review their decision and investigate the fraud ,you have suffered. We will be in contact as soon as we have a response.

Best Wishes – Caseworker

I responded shortly afterwards:

[MP] wrote on 26/05/2023 11:37:
> Dear Roy
> [MP] has contacted Action Fraud on your behalf requesting that they review their decision and investigate the fraud ,you have suffered. We will be in contact as soon as we have a response.

Thank you, that is encouraging news.

I followed up weeks later (5/6/2023):

[MP] wrote on 26/05/2023 11:37:
> Dear Roy
> [MP] has contacted Action Fraud on your behalf requesting that they review their decision and investigate the fraud ,you have suffered. We will be in contact as soon as we have a response.
> Best Wishes Lee – Caseworker
> [MP] MP
> Member of Parliament for Manchester Central


Has the police gotten back to you? My colleagues, who are also victims of the crime, wonder as well. We’ve meanwhile reported this as a tax fraud as well (because technically it is) to HMRC. 15 days later HMRC did not even bother replying. Mind you, Sirius had many government clients including Home Office and the Parliamentary Ombudsman. Some of us suspect there’s a lack of incentive to convict here, not even to investigate the matter. They hardly need to investigate because we spent months getting written statements that prove it all. Can you bring this subject up in Parliament, please?

Kind regards,

Sent by them 5/6/2023:

Dear Roy

I am sorry to report that [MP] has not yet received a response .It can regrettably take a number of weeks but we will contact you immediately.

Best Wishes – caseworker

I then followed up as follows:

[MP] wrote on 05/06/2023 09:15:
> Dear Roy
> I am sorry to report that [MP] has not yet received a response .It can regrettably take a number of weeks but we will contact you immediately
Thanks, I very much appreciate her looking into it. She is the first person in government to actually touch this. To reiterate why it’s sensitive:

1. UK government departments outsourced to (contracted) Sirius
2. Sirius quietly defrauded its staff (which worked on the above computer systems) within months of them joining
3. The workers found out they had been defrauded since 2011 (it took months to verify as firms were stonewalling and obstructing inquiries). It took 12 years to uncover.
4. The workers contacted Action Fraud, HMRC, the IFA, the accountant of Sirius, and the pension firms
5. To date, only the pension firms responded, but only after a lot of prodding — months of escalating to management there. Some managers initially gave contradictory stories; yes, managers at Standard Life lied to us.

It may seem or may turn out to be a potential embarrassment to those who gave the contract to Sirius. We were grossly underpaid and on top of this we were defrauded (embezzlement). There are many other scandals, but this one involves an actual crime.

Kind regards,

3 more days passed and I asked for progress and deadline (08/06/2023):

Roy Schestowitz wrote on 05/06/2023 12:32:
> [MP] wrote on 05/06/2023 09:15:
>> Dear Roy
>> I am sorry to report that [MP] has not yet received a response .It can regrettably take a number of weeks but we will contact you immediately


If my MP receives no reply within 4 weeks, are you OK with me escalating to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) ? It’s now known as the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) and except in Northern Ireland there seems to be no ombudsman for the police, so this seems to be the last resort at this level.


Then sent by [MP]‘s office 8/6/2023 (same day):

Dear Roy

I would advise that you contact us again after 4 weeks so that we can confirm if we have received any response. You can contact them but we cannot advise if they would class this as an acceptable period to wait.

12 more days passed. It had been 4 weeks since she initiated contact. I wrote:

Hi [MP],

It has now been 4+ weeks since the E-mail that I relayed you.

As per the advice from your case worker, may I kindly suggest you escalate the matter to Parliament, stating that Action Fraud not only ignores fraud complaints from victims (the response below is quite obviously a template for several reasons; they didn’t bother even responding to it, except by bot) but also ignores my MP?

I did not know I lived in a Third-World Country where police exists only in principle. After contacting Greater Manchester Police and speaking to them for 40 minutes they strongly insisted that I contact Action Fraud and assured me action would be taken. It turns out to be even worse as Action Fraud isn’t even responding to my MP and my colleagues had a lot of money stolen from them too.

Based on inside sources, the company is quickly vanishing with all that stolen money. Action Fraud has failed to deal with this for 2 months already.

Kind regards,

As one person put it, “what other courses of action are there? why are the police unaccountable for white-collar crime and fraud?”

Stay tuned, there’s a lot more to come. There are other victims of this crimes. It cannot be brushed away or swept aside.
* My original thinking was, it’s better to be pessimistic. I assumed that my MP might do nothing. If so, that too is noteworthy. But she actually did respond and she did take action. Unlike Action Fraud. My approach at the start was, if she does not respond, I will move on to the next MP, as I did with EPO and MEPs, but never bother people, i.e. not resort to mass mailing, 2 or 3 maximum (if the first does nothing).

One Month of Police Silence: Where is Accountability?

Video download link | md5sum 0de07faab93ab5373d58e77a04fca707
The MP Comes Marching in
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: The pension fraud at Sirius ‘Open Source’ (committed against programmers and sysadmins focused on GNU/Linux and Free software) has reached the political level; so far one can observe that politicians aren’t quite in control of the police or, contrariwise, the police enjoys immunity or exercises impunity because it simply doesn’t bother responding to politicians

A MONTH ago I turned to my Member of Parliament (MP) after the police had failed to look into fraud complaints (myself and colleagues, GNU/Linux sysadmins for the most part, were victims). My MP’s office said 4 weeks should be more than enough for police to respond, but nothing has happened, so today I disclose what happened and what will happen next (it’s far, far from over).

The video above gives a rough introduction to the issue, which is moreover explained succinctly below. When I contacted my Manchester MP a month ago I said:

Dear ????? ???????,

My name is Roy and I live in Manchester. My employer, which I resigned from in December, turned out to have engaged in embezzlement against me for over 5 years. It was pension fraud. My “pension” money was never given to a pension provider as the payslips said, and instead went into the management (black hole). Upon further inquiry this was confirmed by formal letters and I discovered they did the same to my colleagues. I reported this to Greater Manchester Police, which insisted that I file a case with Action Fraud. After 4 weeks of waiting Action Fraud made is abundantly clear that it did not even look into the case. It just turned away victims. According to media reports in reputable sources, this is quite common. I reach out to you as this is a severe political blunder at this point. I chronicled some of this in and though it seems actual enforcement — something only the police can do — is needed now. Will you please bring up this matter or help me pursue justice not just for myself but also my colleagues?

Yours sincerely,

A lot of time has passed, a lot of messages were exchanged, but no progress could be made because the police is “MIA”. (Missing In Action)

Ironically, they call themselves Action Fraud. According to British broadcasters, they’re notorious for not taking action. Sure, they take reports. They have bots to respond to the reports, but what good are bots?

The ‘My “pension”‘ sentence (above) could be further elucidated. It might lead with the fact that the company withdrew money from paychecks under the pretence of contributing to the fund but never actually did so. The current wording could be made more clear. “As for turning away victims,” one person noted, “ensure that it is clear that there are many of your former colleagues in the mess as well. The closing line is quite clear, which is important.”

In the next part I’ll share some more correspondence from and to the MP. What we strive to show now is that there’s no system of accountability or, if such a system does exist, it’s clearly not functioning. It fails victims and rewards criminals.

When British Authorities Effectively Protect High-Profile Criminals From Their Victims by Gaslighting, Time-wasting, and More

Video download link | md5sum d16a8e521955e0561c74d8a2dc9a0b38
Long Path Towards Justice
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: The crimes of Sirius ‘Open Source’ were exposed here some months ago and reported to British police (formally) 2 months ago; I had spoken to the police since around March, but waiting for official confirmation of the crime (from Standard Life) would strengthen the report (Standard Life also confirmed this to my colleagues, separately); at this point we’re showing that the police is, instead of serving and protecting the British public, is serving and protecting high-level fraud by negligence and inaction, be it deliberate or not

It’s disturbing that there is no agency willing to even look at the dealing with the fraud,” an associate has told us today.

I’ve already documented the involvement by police here in Manchester, politicians in Manchester, Action Fraud, and even HMRC (HM stands for His Majesty, the brother of Jeffrey Epstein’s “frequent flyer”). Worry not, however, as this will escalate further and higher. The longer it goes on for, the bigger a scandal this will become, not just for Sirius (government contractor for Free software) but also for its clients and for the government. The “first US client” of Sirius (2019) was another one of Jeffrey Epstein’s “frequent flyers”, albeit under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

It seems pretty safe to say that this series may last a lot longer than the company exists. Sirius will probably fold before it reaches its 25th anniversary, based on reliable sources. The company is just like a pair of people now, maybe a little more than a pair. Everyone left and recruitment is infeasible.

As noted in the video above, the next steps include the police ombudsman, pension ombudsman (not the same), British media/press, the people who manage the budget of The Met (including Action Fraud), and so on. Some are directly connected to Sirius, so it’ll be a great fiasco of great proportions. There’s also the Standard Life dispute, as they gained from the scam (financially), and we might revisit NOW: Pensions at some point. Their account there is managed by criminals. They need to relinquish control of that money.

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