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Thursday, June 29th, 2023, 2:35 pm

4 Actions Needed Now From City of London Police and Action Fraud

Summary: The investigation of Sirius ‘Open Source’ and any remedial actions for the crimes committed

  1. The perpetrators of the fraud all need to be held accountable. This may also mean extradition and arrests. Several people were aware if not directly involved, possibly not limited to Sirius management but also the IFA and the accountants (without their active or passive cooperation it would not work; they legitimised this fraud).
  2. The money which got stolen from all the staff needs to be recovered; it is expected the company will claim that there’s no money left, having emptied accounts and maybe hid the money somewhere far away, maybe under other people’s names, possibly in anticipation of the fallout as soon as victims find out. This step may require subpoenas (to unveil the list of victims, then get in touch to inform them one by one).
  3. Compensation to Rianne and myself, as we were both workers who were mistreated on numerous different grounds (as above, the company may pretend that it cannot afford this). Financial accountability for this elaborate embezzlement can be passed outwards as deep-pocketed facilitators existed*.
  4. Unseal the non-disclosure agreement signed with the Gates Foundation in 2019. The timing suggests a correlation with sham staff contracts and two new shell companies, one in Washington State, not far from the Gates Foundation; this also coincided with Techrights pursuing nearly 3,000 pages from police in Washington State — those pages were eventually received from Seattle police* and did in fact confirm an arrest for pedophilia at the home of Bill and Melinda Gates.

* It is our knowledge and understanding that the company began hiding behind its accountant (I confronted the CEO about the change of address over the telephone — a very long phonecall — this past October or a day after it had happened). The company has an address at the heart and centre of London. Even its shell has the same address in London. We understand that the City of London Police is now involved (we’ve receive formal communications from the City of London Police) and we’ve also heard from someone who reckons the wheels are in motion at the police, for reasons we shall cover in the future. The City of London Police does have the powers to locate and apprehend these people. I am just a citizen, I’m not a cop, and I’ve asked the police since March to take action (this weekend is July already). There are many victims here, not just me. Noticed we’ve all along refrained from naming the perpetrators because we don’t know how many of them there are and we don’t want to falsely accuse those who are merely suspects.

** Case Investigation Report: 2014-22121 (Seattle Police Dept. [1, 2])

One Response to “4 Actions Needed Now From City of London Police and Action Fraud”

  1. Mork Says:

    Do you know what all these words actually mean?

    * “unseal” – that NDA is not in a court case. It’s not under seal. You mean “publish”.
    * “shell companies” – having ur accountant be the registered address is normal. Sorry buddy. The reg address is just where letters go, nothing more.
    * “extradition” – I mean, no, this isn’t happening. Do you understand why this happens? It doesn’t happen for investigations. It’s not arrest-level.
    * “subpoena” – gona guarantee you now no UK police is going to issue one of these. Not how it works.

    You’ev had money stolen from you. File a claim with the small claims court. It’s cheap and straightforward and then you get something you can pursue. City of London police are literally the smallest force in the country and they’re going to do shit. You know this, you know your case is going nowhere, and that serves your purposes.

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