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Authorities in Florida Caution About Correlation Between Some COVID-19 Vaccines and Heart Attacks in Young Males

This is why proper clinical trials and studies need to precede mass administration

“This analysis found there is an 84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination.”

COVID-19 Florida

New NHS Data: COVID-19 Hospitalisations at Start of October 2022 Are 3+ Times Worse Than in 2020 and Twice as Bad as Last Year

Late release of data notwithstanding (and missing data from Scotland), here we see how bad things have gotten. Compare new confirmed cases in the first 5 days (we don’t have a week yet) of October, split over the 3 years:


5-10-2020 14,218
04-10-2020 9,966
03-10-2020 9,820
02-10-2020 11,719
01-10-2020 11,444


05-10-2021 32,268
04-10-2021 36,476
03-10-2021 27,137
02-10-2021 21,873
01-10-2021 24,134


05-10-2022 5,990
04-10-2022 9,098
03-10-2022 10,249
02-10-2022 8,400
01-10-2022 6,441

Now compare to hospitalisations:


03-10-2020 386
02-10-2020 371
01-10-2020 368
30-09-2020 328
29-09-2020 310
28-09-2020 308


03-10-2021 577
02-10-2021 549
01-10-2021 520
30-09-2021 552
29-09-2021 625
28-09-2021 596


03-10-2022 1,344
02-10-2022 1,262
01-10-2022 1,091
30-09-2022 870
29-09-2022 1,158
28-09-2022 1,134

Hospital ecalation

Hospitalisation rate up 33% in the past week alone.

Meanwhile Google is purging many voices in YouTube. Here’s an hours-old video about symptoms:

The numbers of cases go up sharply, based on the ZOE health study:


Based on 2021 infections (data), we still — or currently — have about 4,000 more people scarred with “Long COVID” every day. Recovery isn’t enough to avoid long-term health problems.


Latest Evidence That COVID-19 is Spreading Faster in England This Autumn

And it wasn’t this bad 1 and 2 years ago.

COVID-19 spreads faster

COVID-19 Spreads Very Freely This Past Summer

Covid-19 spread: Percent of people testing positive

The above helps show the positive effect of distancing and masks (2020).

It Has Now Been Over Two Months and No Excess Mortality Figures Published by Our Government

 Weekly all-cause mortality surveillance: 2021 to 2022

They stopped releasing these reports when there was a massive COVID-19 surge. How convenient.

From IRC:

[16:27] <Techrights-sec> Just stop testing and stop publishing the results, and the problem goes away.
[16:29] <schestowitz-TR> they also need to hide excess mortality reports
[16:29] <schestowitz-TR> from what I saw, they use a BS formula
[16:29] <schestowitz-TR> it takes past 5 years
[16:29] <schestowitz-TR> so in 2022 they factor in 2021 and 2020
[16:29] <schestowitz-TR> as if they were “normal” years
[16:29] <schestowitz-TR> so 2022 looks not so bad
[16:29] <schestowitz-TR> half your dataset is lockdown panic
[16:31] <Techrights-sec> ack

According to StatCounter, GNU/Linux Fast Approaching 10% Market Share in the World’s Largest Population (India)

India and Linux

The September figures from StatCounter say that about one in 10 Indians is using GNU/Linux on the desktop/laptop; What’s significant here is the large number of users that translates into

Green Spaces in Manchester Pay Off When It’s Hot

Journey for geese

With all-time temperature records already broken (about 40 degrees in England), we’ve now entered a long-enduring period of unprecedented heat. Suddenly many people’s homes, designed for a relatively cold climate, become unsuitable accommodation and going outdoors is ever more appealing.

Thankfully there are still many public parks and bicycle lanes, so we’ve taken advantage of the heatwave to have a summer holiday, a staycation.

I’ve not left Manchester in 2.5 years. I don’t miss flying, that’s for sure. It became less pleasant than ever.

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