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Archive for February, 2024

E.ON Next Admits More Than a Third of Customers Reject ‘Smart Meter’

In yet another SPAM from E.ON Next (they keep spamming with mail, as in snail mail, plus phonecalls) they say a “whopping 64% of our customers have already upgraded [sic] to a smart meter”.

Really? A “whopping” less than 2 thirds? That’s far less than they had us believe.

‘Smart Meter’ are failing to be adopted after a decade of FUD and scare tactics.

About 5,000 More Deaths in England and Wales Last Month Than Same Month 5 Years Ago

12,662 mortalities in England and Wales for the week ending February 2

The new numbers from ONS are out as of this morning, counting 12,662 mortalities in England and Wales for the week ending February 2. That’s about 50,000 for the month of January and a lot more than before the pandemic. As per this new video (“Question to prime minister”), our government refuses to deal with simple questions on this matter, more so ahead of a General Election.

Blood Clots the Media Barely Talks About

New video:

New Claim: 20% of Deaths Seem to Be Connected to Blood Clotting Issues

“Time for serious action and answers,” Dr. John Campbell says:

I AM hardly surprised that state and corporate media isn’t all over this thing; it has been too busy talking about Pfizer’s share price rather than medical issues.

If we don’t get answers, vaccine hesitancy will (in general) increase and cause a lot of trouble for society for decades to come, burdening health systems.

Companies that made vaccines for COVID-19 did not deny the blood clotting issues, nor did governments, which pulled some of these off the market. This was even in the media, hence no need to speculate about that. It’s also in official Web sites of respectable, rich countries’ governments. No “anti-vaxx” here…

As a side note: New figures from ONS came out less than a day ago. In week 3 of 2024 we have had more than 1,000 (higher number than a thousand) deaths than in week 3 of 2019, i.e. 5 years ago and before COVID-19. That’s more than a thousand additional dead people in just one week in England and Wales. Add up 52 weeks and you’re looking at a large football stadium at full capacity… just for excess deaths.

We need answers. Governments try to conceal answers because they may complicit and thus be held accountable here.

There is a General Election coming up here, so the last thing Tories want right now is a proper investigation rather than “he says, she says” about some “Boris party”.

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