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Archive for December, 2004

Outlook Versus Thunderbird

As some of you may know, M¥cro$o£t store mail in DBX files. This may seem like a benign format, but it can cause great trouble if you intend to keep a maintainable mail archive (one of my pet peeves). I decided to try the highly recommended Thunderbird which is expected to replace the Outlook family just as Firefox begins to nudge Internet Explorer out of the game. I was amazed by the ease of this migration. I now have:

  • A mail archive that is open format.
  • Spellchecker that does not require Office.
  • A whole new set of features which I have never conceived (and neither have MÂ¥cro$o£t).

The bottom line is that if you do not download Thunderbird now, you’ll be missing out…

OM Gets a Home

My game/program Othello Master has just been moved to its independent new domain. You can now find it at

Othello Master screenshot

Mr. Fitness

Yesterday I was crowned Mr. Fitness 2004 for a competition that has run since April this year. All the individual results are and previous prizes are on this site.

Mr. Fitness Trophy

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