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Archive for January, 2005

Firefox Speed-up

The quickly-emerging browser, Mozilla Firefox, is said the be the fastest of all. It can now operate even more quickly by tweaking its settings to enable pipelining.

Get Firefox

Brought to my attention by Scott Tobkes.

Fun with Graphics

Harvey Tobkes - $100 billWhile on the subject on graphics, here are a couple of examples where my face gets ‘transplanted’ in foreign objects. Both were made by Harvey Tobkes (not by request).

Harvey Tobkes - Skiing

Human Descent

The site Human Descent is a must-see to anyone who cares for graphics. Below lies a relatively unimpressive image found among the many stunning ones.

Human Descent example

Mister Coffee

Coffee grainsExcessive consumption of coffee is known to be harmful to one’s health. While tea appears to have more beneficial effects on the body, it cannot offer the stimulus that a cup of coffee does. What is my personal choice? Diluted coffee. Plenty of it. I drink about 8 cups a day without going beyond the recommended limits. It is a good source of carbohydrates, making it an appetite suppressor and it also increases the intake of water, which helps in discarding toxins.

Airbus A380

Airbus A380Originally from John Dvorak, here is a snapshot of a ‘beast’ that may one day travel the skies.

Casinos, gyms and double beds – but will enough airlines get on board?

Opening the Web

Close versus openA major frustrations of standardisation advocates is multi-media. Anywhere you go on the Web, Window$ is assumed to be your operating system and their specialised formats too. Arguably, a dominant impact of lacking standards is associated with audio and video. There is, however, a shareware GUI-based program that can convert a common video file into an animated GIF. Such files can be viewed on any platform with the most basic support for Web graphics. Included are my example of AVI2GIF conversion and a link to the convertor’s homepage.

Funny Signs

Many pictures in these pages come from stock.xchng. It is a world-wide openly-shared resource of personal photos. I have collected imagery of amusing real-world signs as found below.

Area 51

In the government we trust

Sign for dogs and humans
But can the dog read English?

Dog sign

Maybe that’s a little easier for dogs to comprehend

Shop sign

Shall I come in or not?

Spain sign

Honey, I think we’d better turn left here

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