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Friday, July 29th, 2005, 9:04 am

My Role in Society

Roy as a baby
Photo from around 1984

I live a regular life, but not a normal life. In other words, my schedule is regular, repeatable, yet it varies significantly from the norm. This has come to the point where eating involves using the computer simultaneously. I rarely ever concentrate my mind on eating or cooking, I just do it motorically, much like the process of brushing one’s own teeth. I have recently come to realise that when I work out, my head easily wanders elsewhere. My body carries on with the exercise so some routines appear to have become instinctive. By the end of the day, I will not have grasped the fact that I worked out at all. Why? Because my mind is pre-occupied with computers and science.

I spend many hours a day on UseNet. I consider my role in cyberspace to be that of helping people as much as I am able to. I know several individuals with an identical perception and ideaology. I assist people in my daytime job for a mere income, which allows me to get by, and I do so all night for no profit whatsoever. If a person is unable to finish an urgent project, I feel obliged to help. If a person sobs about a faulty computer, I try my best at giving valid advice over the Net. I have no interest in money and neither do I expect to accumulate any. All my satisfaction comes from the thank-you’s that I get, as well as knowing that I contribute to society at a greater or lesser extent.

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