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Saturday, August 27th, 2005, 2:12 pm

Vista Perils

Longhorn screenshot
Longhorn (Vista) alpha: looks promising, but how much computer power will it devour?

I have just come across an interesting speculation according to which the release of Windows Vista might give a boost to Linux on the desktop. The oxymoron did not surprise me much as I tend to agree that it Vista will be indictor of staticity. As I have argued before, Vista (formerly knows as Longhorn) excludes many of the lucrative features it was set to implement. Once it hits the market, people may conclude that Vista is uninnovative when compared against Windows XP, which in itself is similar to Windows 2000 ‘under the hood’. Moreover, Vista has some high requirements from hardware — an issue that Linux distributions do not suffer from.

As the time gets closer and closer to the public debut of Vista the operating system seems to be constantly losing the luster which was associated with Longhorn.

If this was not enough to turn people off from Vista, there are the hardware requirements.

Noting the problems with the arrival of Vista, an effort should be made to get people on desktop Linux distributions.

Speaking of desktop Linux, I purchased a new computer this morning. It should arrive my home within a day or two. The machine will have Mandriva pre-installed, but I might wipe everything off to put Ubuntu or SuSE on it. It is yet undecided.

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