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Monday, October 31st, 2005, 4:31 am

Terabit Connection

Optic fibres
The stuff is extremely valuable, not just for toys

BEHOLD the power of fibre-optics. Terabit connection, anyone?

Although we cannot speak of terabit connections yet, transmission throughput via wires is said to have reached that point. I once thought that our 2 gigabit backbone was something admirable, but think what would a 1000 gigabit enable us to do. Cross-site processors? Distributed computing environments that are also global?

A Japanese company has developed technology to transmit a two-hour movie in 0.5 seconds, the world’s fastest speed achieved with fibre-optic cables in the field, it says.

Wow! On my network connection at the University, a film might take a minute or two to transmit; that sure is fast enough for me. Does humanity even have the thirst for higher bandwidth, yet?

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