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Saturday, December 10th, 2005, 5:17 pm

Intel Begins to Struggle

Intel are starting to feel the greatest of heats from their competition, most notably AMD. That heat cannot be circumvented by more fans or underclocking either. As explained in a ZDNet blog:

The news keeps getting worse for Intel when it comes to arch nemesis AMD.


But if that news isn’t bad enough for Intel (and good for AMD), now comes this: AMD’s 7-round clean sweep technical knockout in ZDNet’s comparative review that benchmarked the two companies’ dual-core offerings against each other.

Another comprehensive review provides even more AMD versus Intel CPU benchmarks. Yesterday I heard about profit warnings in Intel, which led to the dive of their stock.

Intel on Thursday slightly narrowed its outlook for fourth-quarter sales, a sign that seems to be making some investors queasy.

Intel chipAs if that was not enough, Intel call the $100 laptop, which runs Open Source software and is intended to serve developing nations, an “undesired gadget”. This sounds like resistance and mockery of a good cause. Need it be mentioned that those laptops use AMD chips? Intel’s chips cost around $40 to manufacture, yet they can never be sold for a price that makes them viable for such low-end, inexpensive laptops.

Previous critiques of Intel:

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