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Thursday, January 19th, 2006, 7:16 pm

Fear Fought by Spreading of Fear

Season of the playful penguins
Season of the playful penguins from Oyonale

UNFORTUNATELY I am departing tomorrow, so I decided to pull a few pearls of zeal off my mind. Linux advocacy is, after all, an out-of-the bag obsession to me. [wink /]

The outsider to Linux creates fear (or FUD) and in turn spreads it, due to personal fears. It is a certain awareness that drives this cycle of fear-to-fight-fear effect. One knows that when Linux becomes a hot commodity, many new users will require Linux expertise. It is then that people with knowledge of Open Source software have the most valued skills. Perhaps, just perhaps quite suddenly, they find themselves propsper in a market where there is shortage of such skills. It is then that an army of spyware removal ‘experts’ becomes redundant. It is then that Windows expertise no longer has its market. What Windows advocates essentially do by coming to Linux forums and peppering them with lies is defending their jobs.

But guess what? The road goes where the source is located. Closure leads to dead ends. The deficiencies of closed-source formats are perceived and condemned by more and more people and corporations.

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