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Tuesday, February 7th, 2006, 5:51 am

Laptop Versus the Desktop and the PDA

Compaq with Linux

AFTER 6 years with a laptop, I gave up on it completely. This was mentioned in the context of the PDA and also 6 years to a laptop’s retirement. There are a two main reasons for giving up a laptop: (1) a desktop machine is typically more powerful; (2) a PDA can replace laptop for better mobility.

More on the deficiencies of the laptop, which I include as addenda to previous essays:

  • The laptop cannot be carried in the streets or pulled out within seconds to be used for a just few seconds, then pocketed
  • Laptops are heavier
  • Laptops rely on wireless connections while one travels. This makes Web navigation and mail rather impractical on the go. Text, navigation and productivity through creation seem like the stronger points when using laptops
  • Laptops are difficult and expensive to fix, maintain, and extend

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