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Friday, July 21st, 2006, 2:15 am

Providing Evidence to the Police

I have always said that I would never write blog content while drunk or even tipsy. I think I made the exception only once. Today I have a compelling reason to make an exception, too.

I have just returned from the night club and, on my way back, I witnessed a violent scene (although I did not see it frontally or directly). An innocent Northern Irish man was assaulted by three bullies and then left lying unconscious on the ground, having had his mobile phone stolen. His head was visibly injured. I saw him lying there without moving while other witnesses fled the scene. Soon afterwards I had the ambulance and the police come to assist. I spent about an hour with them, providing evidence.and rough description of the criminals. I am yet to be contacted for further information by the police (or at least that’s I was told by the officer).

But here comes the scary part: as I was leaving the police vehicle I was yelled at by a bunch of guys whose appearance resembled the criminals. I walked back home through an alternative route watching my back like a paranoid. I don’t expect to sleep well tonight. It’s 3 AM and I need to wake up early for work. Quite unnerving. The policemen said that they had captured those three who assaulted, but I begin to doubt it. They could have lied to find reassurance. In fact, now that I think about it, I will go downstairs immediately and phone the police, again. They could not have found the criminals as quickly as they arrived at the scene of the incident.

UPDATE (after phonecall): it seems possible that they only captured one or two of the criminals (probably one).

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