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Monday, September 24th, 2007, 1:06 am

Good News for GNU/Linux and Bad News to Rivals

SuSE Linux beta, KDE

THERE are many signs of change. Things are changing in terms of inertia. In the past few weeks, Linux and Free software have gained tremendous advantages, notably:

  • AMD/ATI drivers going open source (at least partially)
  • H-P expanding distribution of their Linux offering
  • ODF policies being finalised in Holland and in Russia

On the other hand, foes of Linux, open source, and other embodiments of digital freedom have suffered major setbacks, notably:

  • SCO admits it is falling into oblivion
  • OOXML is not accepted by the ISO
  • The European Court of First Instance imposes penalties that paint Microsoft as the monopoly abuser that it is, leading to or (at least spurring) similar action elsewhere in the world
  • The OSI rejects Microsoft’s application

These are great time for those wishing to see a culture released from digital shackles. Proprietary software will remain a 3-little jug of Coca Cola on a table at a fine restaurant while a diversity of wines (Free software) will inherit the vacuum left in industry. Great times are ahead, but as this Dilbert shows, there will be a lot of FUD and corruption from those who resist a transformation. A lot of stereotypes and myths (funny comic that one!) will be used to slow down adoption of the disruptive technology. But it’s inevitable. Disruptive technology always wins.

Keep your eyes open is the best you can do to avoid being misled.

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