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Wednesday, December 26th, 2007, 9:19 am

UFO Conspiracies Give a Good Chuckle

I don’t believe in UFOs (I did innocently when I was very young), but here’s a conspiracy theory from Milton William Cooper.

This one is pretty funny:

Why am I linking to this? Just to provide an example of silly conspiracy theories. Not all of them contain substance or truth (as much as wishful thinking and fantasies). Consider this as an example of things that falsify these theories: why is it that aliens — who supposedly come from distant and independent planets — always have the same scale as humans, who also look alike? It’s moronic. It contradicts the laws of probability and it’s statistically impossible.

I do believe in life in other planets, but it’s more likely to exist in bacterial form and not involve inter-intergalactic travel. If you look around the Web, you’ll find far crazier (and more laughable) characters than Mr. Cooper. Whether it’s drugs or sleep paralysis that led them to ‘believing’, who knows?

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