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Archive for November, 2011

TechBytes Episode 65: Unity, KDE, and Apple/Microsoft Patent Aggression Against Linux


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Summary: The last episode of season one of TechBytes and an eclectic catchup with news, Disapora, and Facebook were discussed in the context of the Web. We then spoke about Mark Shuttleworth on tablets, Unity in Ubuntu, KDE, Trinity, and Apple/Microsoft aggression against Linux, including the outrageous patent deals. “Barcelona” by Giulia y los Tellarini was played around the middle. We ended by discussing what to do in season two.

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Manipulating Image Sequences and Making Animations

SO, TODAY was a little dull. In the midst of boredom scripts were produced to turn a sequence of images into an animation of small size with an example of crop, border, and resize (ImageMagick required). Let’s go through this one step at a time. Put all the images from the sequence in a working directory.

mogrify -resize 25% -border 3 *

This adds a border and also resizes all images at the same time.

mogrify -crop 300x70+0+40 *

This one crops the images in accordance with the coordinates given (width, height, horizontal offset, vertical offset). Once everything is processed:

animate *

Save the resultant animation as GIF, for example (there are other options). Here is a sample:

Person in 3-D

That specific animation provides insight into variability of surfaces on which geodesic measures are taken. For particular cases, detection is made harder by motion around the eyes (including closure), but this is one of the caveats of dealing with surfaces of these kinds. It would be easier with biomedical data.

TechBytes Turns One

We have not had a chance to record TechBytes in a while, but today we officially turn one and in the next episode we are going to discuss this. Happy birthday to TechBytes.

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