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Archive for July, 2012

Summer News

I have begun picking up pace again, with most of the benefit being funneled into Techrights and TechBytes. Being summertime, this period will enable me to write more articles and also record more. The social life benefits also.

I recently recuperated from a shoulder injury, caused by weakened tendons, and my other half has just won the volleyball championship (her last game, the final, was last night).


I will try to blog in more often than before.

TechBytes Episode 68: Apple Bans War, Nokia’s Demise, and More


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Summary: The first episode with one host and a warmup before an interview that’s planned with Richard Stallman

Tim has been busy, but he let me carry on in his absence until he gets back. I did not script or rehearse this episode; instead, I dived right in and improvised as usual. This episode covers Android sales, my Android development project plus experience, a tablet lacking basic features, and my observation that plugins/apps do not add so much more so to make Android usable for technical work as opposed to play and amusement. “Dreamhouse” by Steve Poltz is played as the first song and then I speak about Nokia’s cuts, MeeGo, failures with Microsoft, and shrinking cash piles. Microsoft’s losses are mentioned and then Apple-imposed Android ans (in the US), as well as lost patent cases around Europe. Oracle’s patent case and USPTO reform are mentioned in light of dissent from a prominent judge who makes the objective of software patents abolition seem reachable. “Get U Home” by Shwayze is the last song played in this short show.

We hope you will join us for future shows and consider subscribing to the show via the RSS feed. You can also visit our archives for past shows. If you have an account, consider subscribing to TechBytes in order to keep up to date.

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Documentary About the CIA

Thank you, Eugeni Dodonov (RIP)


Bio and CV

The Dress

SO, we got the venue and on Sunday we finally chose a dress. Actually, we got two for her. We’ll both wear two outfits at different stages of the event such that I wear not only a formal suit (it’s a civil ceremony, so it’s flexible). Here she is at the shop, measuring/trying the dress.

Photo of dress

Wedding Venue

AFTER careful consideration of various venues we may have finally found a place that suits our taste, such that the wedding safely takes place in good weather in December as originally planned (near the Pacific, not the UK). It will be a Civil Ceremony, so we are preparing our own invitation, speech, etc. Here are some photos of the place, taken on a clousy day unfortunately (which does no justice to the full beauty of it).

Banners in GIMP

THE GIMP is a preferred tools to many who do not do graphics for a living (a 9-5 design job) and it has some neat scripts for banner generation. Here are some examples of banners I’ve been playing around with since last night.

Harvey Tobkes

Harvey Tobkes

Harvey Tobkes

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