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Archive for August, 2013

Jordan Fishwick Sucks

Jordan Fishwick

OY WIFE and I considered moving into a slightly more spacious apartment, but the people who were supposed to show up and present it never came. They even called in the morning to say the viewing will take place slightly earlier to avid combining us with other viewers. Nobody showed up neither at the original time nor the earlier time.

If you consider advertising a home, choose anything but Jordan Fishwick. It’s just not reliable. Like many agencies it is located at Deansgate, Manchester, but this one is no good. Waste of time.

Richard Stallman on Democrats and Republicans

TechBytes with Stallman

Direct download as Ogg (00:01:39, 5.5 MB)

Summary: Richard Stallman speaks about US politics and the false notion of “wasted votes” (those going neither to Democrats nor Republicans)

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