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Weekly Increase of 56% in COVID-19-Linked Deaths, But the Government’s Disclosure of Data is Almost Going Away Next Week

Today’s numbers: (released moments ago)

COVID-19 is ‘coming back’… big time

When it comes to UK data (COVID-19 fatalities data), the data supplied to the public is already 35 days behind! Here’s the latest from the government’s official portal:

19-05-2022 72
18-05-2022 70
17-05-2022 94
16-05-2022 84

Nothing since then! But there’s a workaround.

Based on data we do have, in the week ending 10-06-2022 we had 55.6% more deaths with COVID-19 in the death certificate than the prior week. We’re being subjected to gaslighting and left in the dark:

10-06-2022 334
03-06-2022 211

Hospitalisations in England alone:

21-06-2022 1,155 England (unknown for UK yet; unpublished)
20-06-2022 1,055 England (unknown for UK yet; unpublished)
19-06-2022 942 England (unknown for UK yet; unpublished)
18-06-2022 797 England (unknown for UK yet; unpublished)
17-06-2022 829 England (unknown for UK yet; unpublished)
16-06-2022 822 England (950 UK)
15-06-2022 842 England (992 UK)
14-06-2022 763 England (905 UK)
13-06-2022 722 England (859 UK)
12-06-2022 659 England (774 UK)

It’s even higher for the UK as a whole.

So why is the data going away? Because COVID-19 is going away? Or because the government cannot defend its policies anymore? The media has been complicity in this gaslighting.

British Hospitals Increasingly Overpopulated With COVID-19 Patients Again (and It’s Only Summer!)

Just like in Finland, the situation is slipping out of control and the media barely talks about it anymore. Here in the UK they increasingly hide the data from the public.

This summer is (thus far) more deadly than the summers of 2021 and 2020. More cases, more people in hospital, more deaths connected to COVID-19.

Here’s the ‘latest’ data. This data is one week behind, but we know based on another data set that the number is probably near 8,000 already (hospitalisations soared this past week):

16-06-2022 6,372
15-06-2022 6,200
14-06-2022 6,030
13-06-2022 5,918
12-06-2022 5,654
11-06-2022 5,478
10-06-2022 5,479
09-06-2022 5,285
08-06-2022 5,267
07-06-2022 5,282
06-06-2022 5,260 <—- The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022
05-06-2022 5,074
04-06-2022 4,922
03-06-2022 4,967
02-06-2022 4,948
01-06-2022 4,922

Partying for the ruling class in superspreader events was never a priority. Meanwhile people around me not only get infected but also reinfected. It takes a big toll on their health, in spite of a young age…

We have staffing shortages due to illnesses. Last night the CEO himself covered for a colleague (night shift).

England: With COVID-19 Hospitalisations Up 37% in the Past Week Alone We’re Back to 1,000+ Hospitalisations Per Day

For the first time since April!

England hospital strain

And it’s only summer. Worse summer than 2021 and 2020.

Highest Number of COVID-19 Hospitalisations in Almost 2 Months, So Borisnaro is Rapidly Abolishing the Transparency

If it surges during summertime (worse summer than 2020 and 2021), imagine what will happen in winter

We've quit caring about the deaths; today, but not for long; This will result in thousands of deaths

They skipped last week's report!

Despite Sharp Rise in COVID-19 Cases and Hospitalisations the British Government Demotes Transparency (From Twice a Week to Once a Week!)

Amazing! What Hubris:

Updates will be weekly after Friday 1st July 2022

From Friday 1 July 2022, the COVID-19 Dashboard will move to weekly reporting. The last daily update of the Dashboard will be on Friday 1 July 2022. Weekly updates will be published every Wednesday at 4pm commencing on 6 July 2022.

Daily data up to the most recent available will continue to be added in each weekly update.

This will bring COVID-19 reporting in line with typical reporting schedules for other respiratory infections. This approach reflects the move from an emergency pandemic response to managing COVID-19 in line with the Government’s Living with COVID strategy. This decision will be kept under review in the coming weeks.

Coronavirus secrecy

Coronavirus data weekly

Maybe they want to divert NHS resources to “Ukraine” or something?

“There was an increase in the percentage of people testing positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland”

From Friday’s report:


ONS on COVID-19 increase

Of course, once again, despite no holidays the government just ‘skipped’ the mortality report of this past week (it was supposed to be released this past Thursday). “Last updated 9 June 2022,” the page states. The citizens rely on data — and data points (transparency) — to know what’s actually going on and be able to hold officials accountable. The media/press habitually manipulates the facts.

COVID-19 in England: Highest Number of New Cases Since April, Highest Number of Hospitalisations in 1.5 Months, No UK Data in Nearly a Whole Month!

One of the scandals is the growing lack of transparency


In the chart above, based on this page, notice how long UK data has not been available. When examining the impact on healthcare it seems clear that even in summertime there’s a growing strain on the hospitals. It impacts also those who do not contract COVID-19.

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