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Where Physically Resides

I’ve long advocated hosting from home, to the extent possible, but this site is managed from Northern Ireland and physically hosted in London since 2004. Maybe one day, provided a fast connection and assurance of no outages, I’ll host it from home. With rising energy prices we now see the media discussing power “rationing” (i.e. planned outages). That would completely mess up prospects of hosting from home.

London Sovereign House

Telehouse east London

Last night we had several site outages, which are very rare. I think this happens less than once a year.

In August 2022, According to New Data, COVID-19 Tests Are Scarce and High Proportion of People Are ‘Positives’ (Infected and Infectious)

According to weekly data published just hours ago.

COVID-19 PCR testing

01-08-2022: 289,322 PCR tests, 6.2 of which positive (7-day period ending that date)

01-08-2021: 2,177,820 PCR tests, 7.7% of which positive (7-day period ending that date)

01-08-2020: 712,277 PCR tests, 0.9% of which positive (7-day period ending that date)

NHS Has Just Released Death Totals for COVID-19 in July (About 1,000 People a Week)

Released hours ago, but the media is just ignoring it, following the “official” narrative.

England alone:

COVID stats England alone


UK-wide COVID stats

Norsoc Manchester

Norsoc Manchester seems to have ceased to exist, as did the Web site maintained by Christan Brox-Nilsen, who is still based near here (he’s the one who was taking all the photographs for the site).




That was before we dated (me on the right).

One thing Norway and the UK have in common is that they’re not EU members. Sadly, however, the UK’s appeal for foreign students has also diminished since then. Maybe that’s why Norsoc ceased to exist years later.

Worst July on Record (Since COVID-19 Started), But No Weekly NHS Report on COVID-19 and Overall/Excess Mortality for Over a Month Already

If people realised how dangerous COVID-19 still is, it might ‘harm’ business, so why release data? Right? Right, UK Health Security Agency?

Weekly all-cause mortality surveillance: 2021 to 2022: Over a month ago by now

Still waiting? Did they quietly kill it? With silencer?

Natural History Museum, London

Roy in Nature

Roy in Nature Museum London

Natural History Museum, London

UK’s COVID-19 Testing Rates Falling to New Lows in Spite of Deaths and Hospitalisations Being About 10 Times Worse Than Summer of 2020

Tests per day (summer 2020 until summer 2022):

Testing in UK

Monkeycov: Stupid humans; Simply declaring COVID-19 'old news'

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