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Linux Distribution Screenshots

SuSE Linux beta, KDE

OSDIR.COM have published a large number of screenshot galleries today. They all come from different ‘flavours’ of Linux: from Arabian Linux to Mandriva and even the latest of SuSE (version 10.1, shown above).

What I generally find awkward are distributions of Linux that go by names such as Linux XP 2005, and yes! They look quite similar to Windows XP as well. I guess that Apple Mac crossovers are not any better. For each his/her own.

KDE Pushed to the Limit

Tiger in KDE
KDE (yes, it’s Linux above) can be customised to
look and behave like Jaguar/Tiger
(and far beyond)

QUITE recently I enabled all shadows, translucency, and fade-in/out effects in KDE. The results are stunning, but they require a real-time demonstration (or animation) to be fully appreciated. The load on the CPU is almost bearable while translucency is the biggest detriment of all.

The progress made by the KDE team is tremendous, so envy (sometimes hatred) among GNOME’rs seems beyond understandable. Admittedly, I am working in GNOME while I compose this item, yet I always long for KDE. I am not mesmerised by a default KDE desktop, which is simple, user-friendly, yet somewhat dull. I am actually thinking about heavily-customised environments and powerful settings enabled as in the example above, which illustrates Mac OS X intersections.

It is also worth checking what shall come up in KDE 4. It is said to incorporate the new component titled Plasma. It’s not just eye candy, but a productivity tool, which gives power to the power users.

External Link: KDE 3.5 Released

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