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The Songs That Grip Our Minds

Vinyl record

I found the following article quite fascinating.

Songs we hear as teenagers tend to remain lifelong favourites because they become hardwired into our memory during a critical time, a memory conference has heard.


“You recall more memories from the period of 10 to 25 [than previous or subsequent periods] and the bump has a peak between 16 and 20,” he says.

“The brain works at its optimum in that period. It’s a sponge and it soaks up everything.”

To name just a few songs that will remain with me forever: “Tonight” by Blackstreet and a couple of renditions of “I Can’t Go for It”. I tend to associate — mentally that is — album covers with certain songs that eternally stay in my head.

History Relived Through Films


The Movie Timeline is a nice little project which attempts to assign a film to each event since the beginning of time. To get the general idea, here is an arbitrary snippet:

1973 Bobby Darin dies (Beyond The Sea)
New York – Penny Lane becomes a regular on the tour bus (Almost Famous)
Las Vegas – Sam “Ace” Rothstein begins running a casino (Casino)

Although many of the entries are humorous, Hollywood has made it possible to watch a series of films which document Earth’s history.

In Memory of Duke Nukem

This clip reminds me of my teenage years as a heavy gamer. I wonder if this mentally ‘tickles’ others in quite the same way.

[UPDATE: clip omitted as it caused the page to poison and crash the browser]

The above, by the way, is not valid XHTML. It contains attributes that are application-specific. For the very first time and after almost 1,000 blog posts, I permit an invalid element to exist. Then again, it is also the first video embedment, which fortunately is cross-platform.

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