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Bill Gates’ Path to Success

This is the story which reveals how Bill Gates made his company so ‘successful’.

Windows Vista — Even the Biggest Windows Fans Reject It

Vista error message

Guess who is rejecting Windows Vista? A role model to many Windows users — Chris Pirillo. If he is upset with Microsoft, perhaps everyone should be.

Vista backlash grows; key advocate moves back to XP

Chris Pirillo just broke up with Windows Vista, saying, “The shipping version of this OS is late beta, at best.”

Jason Busch did the same: “It’s an absolute travesty that Microsoft would have released such a half-baked product.”

An Open Letter To Jim Allchin (from Chris Pirillo)


Congratulations! Seriously. I’m glad that you finally got Windows Vista out the door, but I’m equally as thrilled to know that you’re working on releasing SP1 by the end of this year.

Who is next? Paul? Jim? Maybe even Scoble? Scoble is acting a bit like an elitist at time, yelling out at developers for not implementing RSS support (which he believes he’s some sort of Guru of). Chris Pirillo, on the other hand, I get along with pretty well because he’s kind (and certainly gentler than Robert Scoble). Good move, Chris! Show us the way to go.

Time to Ignore the Myths and Escape Evil

Consider this item a minddump and please treat it accordingly.

Here is an article which you may find valuable if you ever make an operating platform choice. You ought to know that there will be many lies whose purpose is to limit your choice.

FUD Plays a Role

The study suggests that Linux’s market acceptance may be hampered by the use of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) tactics directed at it by Microsoft.

For example, notes the paper:

“Such emotions were stirred in the Linux community by, among others, SCO, a small ‘vulture’ firm that had bought up the intellectual property rights to a particular version of Unix and was threatening Linux users with lawsuits over infringement of those rights unless they agreed to pay it substantial licensing fees. IBM, which was one of the prime corporate sponsors of Linux as well as the target of a lawsuit by SCO…alleged in mid 2003 that SCO was in cahoots with Microsoft.”

The study also quotes an interview with Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer, who used FUD in an effort to denigrate the reliability of OSS:

“Customers will never know what to expect from this product [Linux]. If the lead developer for this component chooses to do something else with his life, who will carry on the mantle for that?”

Yet, the study states, FUD has its limits. “Microsoft’s efforts to instill fear are to some extent offset by the users’ and developers’ concern that Microsoft may decide to raise prices in the future if it succeeds in derailing the progression of Linux.”

It is rather disturbing to see the extent to which fraud and disinformation play a role. But they do. And they make a difference.

I never liked any of these dirty tactics from Steve “Baboon Dance” Bullmer (sic) and co., who are both bullish and bullyish. They even pay people to spread the false word, without any disclosure. Astroturfers, Microshafter, and Microshatners are—and always will be—pants. They help create and defend the Big Lie. Slander is part of the daily corruption in newsgroups that attract those vermins. It becomes a storm in a teacup as they harp about it. Newbies or people who just ‘land’ on the archive would not see precedence justifying distrust.

To be a little poetic here, let’s address the personality of the people behind this dirty game. I woke up last night (quite immediately as a matter of fact). I thought I heard a chair flying. Steve Ballmer is on the other side of the globe, yet his chair is roaming and piercing through the curtains with that sound. It was quite thought provoking! If only it were real. But it isn’t quite so fictional. Just have a look.

Lucovsky said Ballmer threw a chair across the room and shouted: “Fucking Eric Schmidt is a fucking pussy. I’m going to fucking bury that guy, I have done it before, and I will do it again. I’m going to fucking kill Google.” Shortly after, he resumed trying to persuade Lucovsky to stay at Microsoft.

I cannot understand why people continue to buy software from billionaires who are so vain and malovalent. Nothing is perceived as too evil to this company. It works for the investors, so ethics are secondary. Microsoft could afford to open a Redmond datacentres whose sole purpose is merely to collect all available information from Windows and Internet Explorer 7 users. Everything can be logged (much like Google does). People get profiled by companies who can use it in any way that is desired. There’s a real danger here, as AOL’s leaked search logs have proven.

Yesterday Microsoft said that it liked DRM, rather than just accept it bitterly. It intends to use more of it. Escape Microsoft while you can. Vista has “high impact issues”, according to Microsoft.

Vista error message

Being Widepread Versus Being Popular

AS another year opens, I would like to wish all the readers a happy and joyous new year. I am wishing and hoping to see a continued trend where not only is Open Source being promoted (2006 was the year of desktop Linux in my eyes), but also Freedom gets properly understood, appreciated, and embraced.

SparkleI could probably count on hand the number of times I used Windows and other proprietary software this year. I never use Windows, yet I am fairly familiar and even proficient with it, owing to memory. Yes, it is not because it’s intuitive. It’s because it has neither changed much nor evolved for a decade. It remained widespread for the same reason Britney Spears and Macdonald’s are popular (or just “successful”).

I’ll close with an odd and sarcastic statement.

Windows is used by the most people, so it must be the best“, says Hugh-Gotta B. Kiddin Mae.

Make prevalence no indication of quality. Same with cost. If needed, make it your new year’s resolution. Again I say:


More FUD from Microsoft

The company of marketeer has begun its next round of deception. It is no coincidence that this comes as soon as clients prepare for the next generation of servers and desktops (software-wise).

Lately there has been a HUGE push by Certified Microsoft Professionals and their companies to call clients and warn them of the dangers of open source. This week I received calls from 4 different customers that they were warned that they are dangerously insecure because they run Open Source Operating systems or Software because ‘anyone can read the code and hack you with ease’ they are being told. Other colleagues in the area also have noticed this about 3 Microsoft Partners or so they claim have been going out of their way to strike fear of OSS in companies that respond with ‘yes we use Open source or Linux’ when the sales call comes in.

The beast from Redmond is gearing up towards delivery of more disinformation than ever encountered before. It’s bracing itself for destruction of perceptions which accompany the term “Open Source”. According to Mary Jo-Foley, Microsoft has been preparing yet another
self-commissioned anti-Linux study. On top of that, Frost & Sullivan were recently used to conduct outrageous TCO studies. And yet, the press fails to mention who is behind the studies whose ‘conclusions’ it helps propagate.

Microsoft’s grip on public information and the media is nothing to sneeze at. Just have a look at the leaked Holloween Documents to get a quick reminder. That of course is the company which Novell, a so-called Linux advocate, chooses to do business with. Whilst Novell removes its anti-Windows Web site components, Microsoft fuels its anti-Linux fire and added aggression to its sales pitch. Clearly, “know your enemy” is a little tidbit which Novell absolutely must begin to digest and act upon.

In other news, LWN speaks of the division that’s formed in the Linux community, as well as the possible defection of developers who were invited to depart from Novell. Google and Canonical are named as examples.

To complete this quick roundup, I would also briefly mention Susan Heystee, the newly-appointed babysitter for this controversial deal. Shane has read the article more carefully and concluded that “they are going to customers jointly, in here she says that IP issues aren’t that important to customers that she has talked to. Plus, they admittedly have no plan – after ‘months’ of working out a deal and now they go to customers and are pitching them what exactly? Vague concepts like ‘interoperability’, ‘virtualization’ and ‘patent protection’“. This aligns perfectly well with the confusing ‘virtues’ that Novell waves in the eyes of European businesses, to whom patents are not even valid. All in all, this creates a great deal of noise and confusion. Wake up, Novell. You help destroy your source while returning to your proprietary roots.

Eben Moglen Outlines the ‘Kill Switch’

Eben Moglen, the Free Software Foundation’s attorney, has just had an interview with The Register. Therein he explains his strategy for breaking any effectiveness of Novell’s Deal with Microsoft. Below lie a couple of snippets which were selectively extracted from the full interview.

“We’re going to make the deal not tenable and we urge Microsoft to back away as gracefully and as quickly as possible from a deal that won’t work.”


“If GPL 3 goes into effect with these terms in it, Novell will suddenly becomes a patent laundry; the minute Microsoft realizes the laundry is under construction it will withdraw.”

Microsoft in the Developed World

Bill Gates

Here is an an Arabic perspective that I found amidst some of very recent moves to Linux (at policy level) in Pakistan, Turkey, the Philippines, China, and Kerala.

Another unfortunate event is that school age children and teenagers are so being accustomed to use Microsoft products that for most of them nothing else exists. In schools they are being thought that Internet Explorer 6 is the only web browser that they should use, or that outlook express is the only email client that could display Arabic characters correctly and if they were to use other email clients then the emails they write recipients would not be able to read…etc.

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