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Friday, April 8th, 2005, 3:26 am

Top 10 Palm Usability Flaws

Palm M500 series

Palm OS is a wonderful platform, but like all others, it exhibits some irrational behaviour.

  • #1: Clipboard too small
    Example: have you ever tried to copy a portion of one memo onto another?
  • #2: No undo stack
    Example: erase an entire paragraph, then type in a single letter. Can the paragraph return back to life?
  • #3: Limit on memo size
    Description: a user runs out of memo space and needs to fragment the text.
  • #4: Low-resolution applications
    Description: even with high-resolution screens, scrolling is much needed, for example in Date Book.
  • #5: No key locking
    Example: Palm that powers up in the pocket.
  • #6: Unquoted limit on number of categories
    Example: hard-core Palm users that accumulate too many items under the restrictive number of categories.
  • #7: Error log dismissed automatically
    Description: on the PC-side, error logs disappear after 60 seconds; no option to change that exists.
  • #8: Repeating events archived just once
    Description: those who are fond of archiving will notice that repeating events get archived only once — at the end.
  • #9: Searching twice within the same item
    Example: ever tried finding all occurrences of a term in one single item? Searching is poor in scope. Only a global search is available and it highlights the first occurrence.
  • #10: No alarm priorities/types
    Example: loud alarm in the middle of a meeting or quiet alarm when a crucial event comes up.

Cited by: PalmAddict

3 Responses to “Top 10 Palm Usability Flaws”

  1. Ben Combee Says:

    #3: Limit on memo size

    With recent palmOne devices, maximum memo size was increased from 4K to 32K.

    #7: Error log dismissed automatically

    This is actually a feature — if you’re doing a network HotSync to a remote PC, if the error log wasn’t automatically dismissed, the PC wouldn’t be able to handle more HotSyncs. This works a lot better with HotSync Manager 6 — the logs are now HTML files that you can bring up at any time.

  2. Cloudless Says:

    The built-in application launcher’s “SD card” category is quite stupid too. Why can’t the user assign programs to other categories?

  3. Jonathan Quirk Says:

    Failure to sense the need for capitals when entering addresses eg: enter 31 Acacia Avenue and you need to make the caps shift stroke twice.

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