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Archive for April, 2005

Photos On-Line

laptop on trainI have just put my first batch of daily photos on-line. This includes my journey to London from 2 days ago. The presentation I gave, by the way, aroused curiosity among members of the audience.

Blogs Recession

Stocks declineAs the number of Web logs continues to rise (nearing exponential growth), an anti-climax is rapidly reached. Attention is spread among more blogs and hence feeds/spiders account for more of the traffic for most blogs.

As more users share content and publishing tools become easier to use, pages become less content-rich or genuine. Increased comment spam and compatibility for the rel="nofollow" tag attribute discourage involvement. The symptoms can be spotted already.

Will the blog phenomenon die once blogs become as widespread as E-mail accounts? The main gain from this ‘Blog Era’ is the shift of power from authorities to individual people. Anybody is capable of being heard, which is fantastic.

Next Generation of X

The following screenshot gallery demonstrates the features of one future desktop environment (X11). Windows exploit OpenGL for window ‘swinging’ (see the previous entry on luminocity or even bogus transparency). The effects are quite distracting, but provide that ‘wow factor’. Another long-anticipated eye candy is the spherical desktop.

Next generation of X

Evaluating Models and Registration

I am going to present recent research work at UCL tomorrow. Bound to this presentation are some graphics files (with captions). Older, unused slides are available to anyone who is curious. I will most likely modify text on the train and upload the changes during the weekend.

MIAS IRC presentation

Headphones ‘Families’

Headphones - arcLet us consider 3 types (‘families’ or ‘classes’ if you like) of headphones:

Standard arc headphones are not very popular these days. They are relatively gigantic, at least when compared with today’s gadgets. Pros: Often come with a thick single wire that connects to one side only (this minimises wear). Cons: Large and unfashionable, susceptibility to outside noise.

Headphones - in-earIn-ear: Often cheaply made. My last set lasted only 4 days, but it had a nice mechanism for isolating noise. Many headphones these days penetrate the ears, yet research has shown that this is damaging to the ear. When I searched for a headphones replacement 5 days ago I saw an odd in-ear set which would penetrate nearly 1 inch inside the ears. My knees could bend seeing the scary otoscope-like design.

Headphones - largeLarge headphones: my favourite type, but only suitable indoors for obvious reasons.

The bottom line: unless you foresee yourself an old person who is unable to listen to people at the table, care less about noise reduction. We are yet to discover the damaging effects on a generation of Walkmans, Discmans, Minidisks, MP3 players, etc.

Firefox Mac Theme

Following a recent intervention with a Mozilla Firefox theme, I decided to pull together a Mac OS X-like theme for Firefox. I have set up a minimalist download/install page, but I am unlikely to take this further. Much of the artwork is imported and stitched together. I wish I found the time to create everything from scratch.

OSX Theme for Firefox

click image to view in full size (low resolution/lossy)

Adobe Buy Macromedia


News that are just in speak of a takeover of Macromedia (best known for Flash) by Adobe (makers of Acrobat Reader, Photoshop, Illustrator and so forth).

The two companies had settlements in court in the past. So, what are the implications of this acquisition? Domination of rich media delivery? This 3.4 billion dollar deal is definitely going to shape our future.

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