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Saturday, May 21st, 2005, 4:21 am

Yahoo Sponsors Google

Yahoo may not do so directly, but…

Om Malik said:

Flickr is making money off Google AdSense even though it is a Yahoo company. There are Adsense text ads appearing on your photo albums etc.

I have always suspected that Google make a larger profit than that of their clients, who happen to be Flickr (Yahoo) in this case. After the initial “Welcome to AdSense” E-mail, one only communicates with the Google server. All the placement chores are left to the client. Have we become Google’s peons? Verging evil perhaps? I doubt it, but here is some comic relief.

Brin Drag
We are not truly peons to Google’s founder, Sergei Brin,
shown in this very genuine photo from 1996.

Nevertheless, many of us are peons to the man below.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates posing for a teen magazine in 1985
with a Mac at the back, from which he nicked the GUI

The latter photo had to be posted to balance this discussion.

3 Responses to “Yahoo Sponsors Google”

  1. Harvey Tobkes Says:

    I love Google and therefore I love Sergei. If he were really a woman, I would propose marriage.. He’s not bad looking in his photo as a cross-dresser and he’s rich too.

  2. Scott Tobkes Says:

    Google begins to remind me the love/hate feelings I have for Walmart.

  3. Roy Schestowitz Says:

    These feelings are difficult to avoid, yet Google are doing their best. They are doing darn well, if you ask me.

    I could never insult Google because they bring me about 700 unique visitors a day.

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