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Thursday, August 11th, 2005, 3:33 am

Google and Linux

Google have recently revealed that they had used Linux from day one. Looking further into the past, why have they not openly expressed their passion for Linux? Perhaps they realised that over 90% of their target audience were Windows users. No user will be inclined to use the service of one that is different, one whose preferences are in ‘disharmony’ with the clients. Under such circumstances, there emerges an inner-conflict, whereby a Google user admits making a mistake, making a poorer O/S choice.

In this article from Computer Business, Google’s open source programs manager lists arguments as to why proprietary software can never offer what Open Source does. There is a long-standing myth that Linux people are incapable and have reached out for so-called ‘abnormal’ sides due to failure in a world that is largely dominated by Windows. I believe that Google have shown, with quadrupling revenues and an enormous rapid growth, that Linux is all it takes to gain advantage.

From the article:

While showing a slide show of Google’s hardware evolution, which began humbly with an odds-and-ends collection of “spare computers that were lying around Stanford” (hobbled together, literally, with pieces of Lego and duct tape) and ended with a present-day photo of Google’s current server room (darkened to the point of being indistinguishable, for competitive reasons), DiBona said Google has used Linux all the way.

There is still a great deal of secrecy when it comes to Google’s hardware, yet some information is now out. The server rooms have been kept in the dark intentionally. This entire revelation did not come as a total surprise to me as Brin‘s (Google co-founder) Stanford home page showed he had been a Linux user (plenty of Python) in his early days.

Pile of Dells
Machines by the dozens. Just toss a Linux distro on them.

One Response to “Google and Linux”

  1. J. Cohen Says:

    Here is Google’s homepage from 1998 that shows a link specifically for Linux search — right on the homepage.

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