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Tuesday, August 30th, 2005, 9:13 am

Black Hat SEO

Cowboy hat
Blackhat SEO’s: under the illusion that they are talented gunslingers, shooting from the hip

I have recently become aware of highly dirty practices, which sometimes get used by malovalent SEO‘s. ‘Googleating’ is one of the most vile SEO methods, perhaps only second to spam. I have been told about someone who developed a habit of conquering deleted blogs immediately once they had been freed. Then, it was promptly possible to ‘fuel’ his own adverts-filled public content sites, making use of merit (mainly in the form of Google PageRank), which got transferred owing to links in these recently-acquired blogs.

Further on the issue of dodgy practices, in order to compensate for banishment from search engines, that same person bought multiple domains; thus, he avoided putting all eggs in one basket.

How did I come to find this out? There is an exceptional user in a benevolent SEO forum that I participate in. He uses blackhat techniques and gives the group a bad reputation that may sooner or later draw attention from search engines, which in turn can inflict collective punishments on group participants. If justice pervails, bad practices will be choked and genuine sites will receive more referral traffic from search engines. The Internet is no place for mirrored public content, neither it is for link spam.

3 Responses to “Black Hat SEO”

  1. Big Bill Says:

    I doubt that SEO Dave or David or whatever he’s calling himself this week will actually be getting posters to the group into trouble. The harm he does is that by being there and indulging himself in the behaviour he does he alienates useful experienced people from the group. He has his uses but (IMHO) they are greatly outweighed by the harm his abusive behaviour causes in that people who might reasonably be expected to be far more helpful don’t want to be involved in the environment he brings about.


  2. Steve Says:

    I have been away for awhile, but it seems SEO Dave’s reputation has hung around. I remember a few years back, it seemed that every SEO argument on any SEO fourm involved Dave’s tactics. Most of it was amusing, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why anyone would seriously hire him. But in time, it was evident that Dave’s charm won many fans and was probably the main reason people hired him. Not for his talent, but for his ability to talk a good story and sale you on what he was doing. For that, he was the best

  3. David Says:

    And this is from someone who infringes copyright laws. If you don’t like SEO Dave why do you infringe his copyright works-

    I bet this comment doesn’t last long :-)

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