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Thursday, October 13th, 2005, 11:10 am

Windows Attacks the Web

Dear Windows users,

Please get your act together and always patch up your operating system, if not migrate to a less vulnerable operating system. The Macs, for example, are not so hard to use.

Your current machines are occasionally getting infected and then used as zombies in the midst of our network. Subsequently, under the control of evil hands, they commence a collateral onslaught on Web sites. Such sites, if not computers in your network, can be powered by Mac O/S, Linux or other UNIX variants. You must become responsible as you reside in a networked environment and can affect it tremendously without you being aware of it.

I am currently suffering from an international army of infected Windows machines. This is no laughing matter as I can confirm all zombies are Windows-driven and there are hundreds of them all over the world.

Windows out-of-the-box (i.e. unpatched) is somewhat of a weapon. It can easily drain bandwidth of other users and inject spam content. It can also lead to downtime of others in a global village that is the Internet. We are now hearing about a Dutch network of people who exploited vulnerable Windows machines world-wide. Be more cautious than ever before or else get disconnected by your ISP. Here at the University we already charge people if they continously get disconnected due to viruses in their Windows machines. Viruses (virii as the common slang) are causing a great deal of distress to network administrators, which is the reason for monetary penalty.

If the attacks on my site do not reach a halt or some solution is found, it might have to be isolated (READ: brought down), which is unacceptable. If not isolated, my site may take other sites down along with it in the future. I am not alone in the recent batch of attacks according to Tao of Mac.

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One Response to “Windows Attacks the Web”

  1. Peter Jones Says:

    cool site

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