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Saturday, November 19th, 2005, 8:34 am

Remote Access from Different Platforms

Computer shell
CLI anywhere, at any time

ACCESS to particular computers can be crucial, especially while travelling. There are a variety of ways for achieving full remote access, though simple, text-based shell access is supported by even weaker devices and light-weight software.

I recently read about someone who thought of handling Web servers from a Palm Treo, using E-mail, which is supposedly a universal API. I consider E-mail to be the wrong tool for a simple task, even if one uses cron jobs and collects the output via E-mail (similar to a hack I once mentioned. Alternatively, shell access can be obtained in one of the following ways:

  • Cellular telephones: using CUTs
  • Web-based: MindTerm, e.g. from Duke University
  • Windows: PuTTy
  • Windows mobile: I have seen an SSH client in action and it looked quite clean
  • UNIX variants and derivatives: Built-in functionality
  • Palm O/S: pssh, free and apparently based on PuTTy, though it is hard to tell for sure
  • Blackberry: For that, one might have to pay nearly $100. That’s the chance one takes when steering away from Open Source. Palm may not be Open Source-oriented, but its users’ ideaology differs.

One Response to “Remote Access from Different Platforms”

  1. Dr. David Kirkby Says:

    Any free suggestions for the HP iPAQ. I found a shareware one which was limited ot 5 minutes of use, but that was not very nice to use for other reasons (can’t recall what).

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