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Wednesday, December 21st, 2005, 7:51 am

Eric’s Barchart CSS

Stocks declineThe latest among Eric Meyer’s CSS tricks: a pure-CSS vertical bars diagram.

A mouthful? In a separate page resides an example, which was derived from site statistics. The idea of rendering figures, charts, and diagrams using just browser functionality is astounding. With CSS3 on the horizon, Web developers will be able to achieve much more with less bandwidth to spare. No graphics! not even vector graphics.

2 Responses to “Eric’s Barchart CSS”

  1. darcie Says:

    cool, is there ever going to be a plug-in sort of speak to do the generating other than manually coding the numbers in yourself?

    been working on a similar sample for over a year, wishing for a one-click feature for blogging features like for WordPress.

    I have been able to manipulate a graphic being filled in as a progress tracker with pure css. Have a look-see on my site. :)

  2. Roy Schestowitz Says:


    Nice work on those animated bars.I thought the same thing as regards auto-generation of the code. CSS should not be affected. Another CSS-based tool from Eric, which is called S5 and is used for presentations, had some Wiki interface built for it.

    As for a WordPress plug-in, this could probably be incorporated without much effort, but it needs development and a certain level of demand first. Time will tell, but I am certain that Web technologies will continue to amaze us. Have a look at S5 or Zimbra and see what I mean.

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