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Sunday, July 30th, 2006, 7:36 am

Raves Du Jour

My opinion has just appeared in a CRN article. To quote the relevant bit:

“I have a gripe with what you claim and suggest. Essentially you propose robbing users from choice and diversity. Monocolutre is what GNU/Linux is here to address/tackle. Isn’t that what SLED is for? Corporate uniformity?

Why eliminate all others as contenders? And why spread FUD about compiling packages when there are such huge Ubuntu repositories?”

I referred to the original article in a previous blog post — that which motivated me to address the author. It seems as though, exposure-wise, the sun has begun to shine my way. I received the following E-mail last week (anonymised; anon replaces names/titles).

Hey there Roy,

I bet you’re getting a lot of email these days, thanks to Jason Calacanis’s post. So I’ll be quick.

You probably know anon, thanks to his blog (#36 in the world or thereabouts), his anon venture, and his books like anonand anon. Well, he’s got a new book coming out in August–called anon–which covers anon‘s best blog posts and rants and remarkable ideas of the last decade.

I’ve got a limited number of early books on hand. Any interest in a free copy? No strings attached.

I was shocked to find myself in such honourable position. I hope it’s all sustainable.

One Response to “Raves Du Jour”

  1. canadafred Says:

    Hey Roy,

    I was wondering why it was getting hard to catch up with you. When I started reading up on your news and events I found my answers.

    Seems like you must be very busy so I won’t bother you with my trivialities. However, if you have a moment, could you respond to an email I sent you a couple of days ago.

    I was just wondering mostly if I could include your web site in a list of my favourite ones. I used that search engine report page again today. Report Spam I still find it very convenient. I just copy and paste what I input in one into the others and send, send ,send. It so easy.

    Talk Soon and Keep Up the Awesome Work! ( whatever it is exactly, it is all well beyond my scope of intellect )


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