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Monday, August 28th, 2006, 9:33 am

Moving Home, Moving Server and Moving Sites


YESTERDAY I moved between apartments. I have lost a much-appreciated ‘high view’ on the city, but I’ll get used to my new environment, which quite sadly, feels like a step back.

This Thursday (or perhaps Friday) my site will be moving to a newer, better, and more reliable Linux server. As a result, the site will be down for approximately 8 hours. I don’t yet know if another personal site,, which resides on the same shared server, will be affected.

Lastly, my movement to as a social bookmarking platform has angered a few Digg regulars (I’m listed at the bottom). Some hostility (see comments) is still in the air while my colleagues find a spot under the limelight. Fortunately, some people fully understand those who ‘defected’. They are very supportive.

4 Responses to “Moving Home, Moving Server and Moving Sites”

  1. linnerd40 Says:

    You moved to netscape? THAT is why you haven’t been around digg lately… Well, I wish you the best of luck whatever site you may use. Digging your stories was great… and I have already noticed a lack of decent Linux posts since you’ve been gone. But, again best of luck, please do drop by occasionally though!

  2. Roy Schestowitz Says:

    Thanks, linnerd. I appreciate the kind words.

    I still read all of the material in Digg and participate at a lower capacity. I also enjoy reading your blog, which brings good material to one’s attention.

  3. [H[omer Says:

    Roy, I’m no Digg fanboy, but this smells distinctly like a sell-out.

    Did you accept an offer by Jason Calacanis to become a “Navigator”?

    Now certainly, Digg does not have exclusive rights to the Blogosphere, but then they don’t go around poaching bloggers from other social bookmarking sites either, nor do they corrupt the concept by turning social bookmarking into commercial journalism.

    It’s great to make money, but not at the expense of your soul.

    Frankly I’m stunned; I can’t believe you of all people have done this.

    Sorry Roy, but that’s my take on it, if I’ve missed something, then let me know.

  4. Roy Schestowitz Says:

    Hi [H]omer,

    I fully respect your opinion. My take on this situation is similar to Derek’s.

    To quote some bits:

    I’ve been using digg for about a year. I started off lurking for some months, then registered in December 2005 and began heavily submitting in April 2006.

    For me, that was February and April, respectively. I always kept it out in the open. For me, it was a way of helping Linux in a site which, at the time, was Mac/Windows-oriented.

    Then Netscape showed up. I didn’t really think much of Netscape when the new beta launched. I thought their Anchors doing meta-journalism on popular articles was a neat idea, but there was nothing that compelled me to use it

    That is until Jason offered cash to do the same thing for Netscape that I already loved doing for Digg. Like many people, initially I was unimpressed with the offer. I perceived it as AOL trying to buy themselves a community.

    Now, bear in mind that I don’t have many opportunities ahead of me. I still have a job and I’m a student, but it doesn’t make ends meet. So after a long time, like many other Diggers, I began submitting to both sites. And Netscape showed interest. To quote more:

    Many people have cried “sell-out” and “traitor” on digg comment threads. My email inbox has also been pummeled with congratulatory messages and well-wishes from fellow diggers.

    Again, I respect your opinion. Don’t think that my conscience is clean.

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