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Monday, August 6th, 2007, 4:54 am

Why Operating Systems Become Irrelevant

The same old argument returns, but it seems evident that while operating systems are not going away, their role will be lessened.

The importance of an operating system will always be tied to fundamentals such as hardware detection (driver support) and the ability to run a Web browser with simple services. Watch this video.

Be aware that Microsoft strives to end this nirvana of platform-independent use of a PC. It recently introduced Silverlight, which is a Web technology that is tied to Microsoft’s desktop technology. Essentially, Microsoft wants to make the Web (including services and mashups) more Microsoft-dependent. Under the guise of choice and functionality, Microsoft strives to regain lockin. It schemes to do so by making the Web work better (or work only) with Windows.

One Response to “Why Operating Systems Become Irrelevant”

  1. locutus Says:

    Microsoft will do anything it can to maintain hold of its monopoly. It is following its tried and true method of embrace and replace.

    People like sheep will follow without thinking blinded by the glitz and glamor. Just the name, “silverlight”, is designed to pacify the masses.

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