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Archive for February, 2013

Juice Media on Privacy

Old Photo in the GIMP

IN GIMP there are numerous scripts or macros, or even effects and filters as they are more commonly called. One of them, a nice mixture of filters, is called “Old Photo” and it generates something like this gallery that I published some minutes ago.

GIMP is truly fantastic software and my wife intends to learn how to use it. I have made a huge number of images with the GIMP, maybe shy of 10,000 (since 2001).

Benchpress After a Decade

I have not practiced this for years. It was never my strong point, but a decade ago when I had more muscle mass I could benchpress about 175 KG. This video of me at at 88 KG shows me barely doing 150 KG (I will try again Sunday, going nearer to the chest). I also filmed Kieran doing 100 KG and 97.5 after initially failing at 100 KG and then Jordan at 112.5 KG.

Kieran fails to lift 100.0 KG

Kieran lifts 97.5 KG

Kieran lifts 100.0 KG

Jordan lifts 100.0 KG

Jordan lifts 112.5 KG

Roy lifts 150.0 KG

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