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Monday, June 10th, 2013, 1:56 pm

Ask Your Bank to Stop Giving Your Bank Details/Data/Purchases to Spooks Abroad

Prism NatWest

WITH PRISM all over the news, politicians in Finland (land of Nokia) are being pressured to drop E-mail services that give the US data which compromises sovereignty, e.g. political espionage.

Contributing my own bit to this push for sovereignty, I have contacted my bank, National Westminster, which will probably tell me I can’t opt out of sending my financial data to the US, land of illegal surveillance by NSA. I am now waiting for a phonecall from someone higher up in National Westminster. Here is my chat log from an hour ago:

Manny: Hi, you’re chatting with Manny. How may I help you?
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: Hi Manny, good afternoon.
Manny: Good Afternoon
Manny: How can I help today?
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: I have 5 accounts with NatWest, 1 of which is a USD account
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: Several months ago I contacted NatWest regarding my newly-issued debit card, which is tied to Visa, not Maestro/Switch
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: I had asked them to stop sending my financial data to Visa
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: I wish to use my account without going through a foreign party
Manny: Okay, is that for your USD account, or the regular account?
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: All accounts preferably
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: I want my financial data to stay within the UK, I think the law protects me on this matter
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: I can give my account details if they helps
Manny: Okay, do you do online banking with your accounts?
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: Yes, I do
Manny: Okay, can you log in online for me please?
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: The USD account I cannot access online, it’s a Currency Account, but it’s based on Warwick, if I recall correcly, so I assume the data stays in the UK
Manny: Okay, can you log in online for me please?
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: Sure, hang on..
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: I am logged in now
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: By the way, the chat facility did not work in Firefox
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: Maybe a bug, I had to launch Chromium to get to it
Manny: Thank you, okay, and what is it you would like me change on the account exactly please?
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: My accounts are, based on information I have been given by NatWest, enable my financial activity to be sent to another nation, even when I make payments within the UK
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: I would like to opt out
Manny: Okay, one moment please.
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: thank you, Manny
Manny: Okay, we wouldn’t share an specific financial information with any parties outside of the UK, and any monitoring on your account or Visa card, would be done solely by the bank, and no one else.
Manny: I haven’t heard from you for a while. Are you still there?
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: yes
Manny: Is this in reference to making payment via the internet or just using your card in general anywhere?
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: I am trying to interpret this because it’s sufficient for the processing to be done by Visa for another nation to hold a copy of all transactions
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: Using my card as well as making transaction over the Internet. I need reassurance that in both cases the financial data is in no way trickling out outside the UK.
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: That would contradict what NatWest told me before, as they said Visa is a “man-in-the-middle” in the transactions
Manny: Okay, I don’t have access specifically to that information here I’m afraid, Dr. but what I will do for you is, send this on for investigation, and then my supervisory will look into this situation further for you, and then call you back once all the necessary information has been located for you.
Manny: You will get a call back within 5 working days at the very latest, is that okay for you?
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: Thank you, Manny
Manny: You’re very welcome, may I take your best daytime contact number please?
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: I am at home most of the time, the number to reach me on is xxxxxx
Manny: Thank you, I will get this request send for you right away, and you will hear back within 5 working days.
Manny: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Dr. Roy Schestowitz: That’s enough for today, thank you. I shall wait for the call for clarifications, I hope they can amend my accounts to address the privacy problems that I never opted into
Manny: Okay, not to worry.
Manny: I would be grateful if you could take a moment of your time to complete the attached survey in connection with the service I have provided today?
Manny: Thank you for chatting with me. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

Stay tuned…

One Response to “Ask Your Bank to Stop Giving Your Bank Details/Data/Purchases to Spooks Abroad”

  1. villhelm bobbington Says:

    Haha you’re completely paranoid!!! Why would you waste that persons time? If you do not like visa then deal in cash and use you’re mattress.

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