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Saturday, November 20th, 2021, 11:10 am

Complaint About Yorkshire Health Solutions Formalised (4 Days Later)

Those who did not see my previous posts about Yorkshire Health Solutions would be better off reading the situation as explained in the following order:

  1. Seemingly Defunct and Surely Unfit to Operate: YORKSHIRE HEALTH SOLUTIONS LTD (Updated)
  2. The ‘Care’ Gateway and YORKSHIRE ‘HEALTH’ ‘SOLUTIONS’ LTD (Updated)
  3. NHS Feedback and Complaints (Manchester Feedback and Complaints Service) Responds Late — Two Days After Further Prodding — to Report of Technical and Professional Incompetence

Yesterday at half past midday I finally received an acknowledgement, with reference number, of my complaint:

[MAN/xxxxxxxxxx] Complaint regarding Yorkshire Health Services [sic] (Should say “Solutions”)

Feedback and Complaints Service

Telephone: xxxxxxxxxx

Dear Roy,

I can confirm that we have opened a complaint into the issues you have raised, as requested.

I am sorry to hear of your experiences and please be assured your complaint will be investigated thoroughly.

From the correspondence received, I consider that your complaint is as follows:

1. You attempted to contact Yorkshire Health Solutions (YHS) to book an appoinment, however, after being on hold for 4 hours you still could not reach anyone.
2. The contact number is not a freephone number and you are concerned that people are being overcharged due to the long wait times on hold.
3. You believe that many people that have cordless phones would struggle to obtain appointments with the long hold times, as most cordless phones do not hold charge for that long.
4. You waited on the phone for a further hour after being told you were first in the queue, yet still nobody picked up.
5. You emailed the company after you disconnected the call to express your concerns but nobody responded.
6. You believe the only reason you advanced up the caller queue was due to the people ahead of you ‘calling it quits’ and hanging up the phone.
7. You believe the company should hire more staff to answer calls.

If you feel that this is incorrect or you have further points to add, please reply to this email with any amendments/additions.

We aim to have a full and final response sent to you within 20 working days, however if this is expected to be delayed for any reason we will let you know.

Should you wish to discuss this further, or have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,


I added:

Good morning, xxxxxxxxxx, and thank you for the reference number (and for documenting the pertinent facts). One key fact to add is, based on my phone conversations with TCG (about 40 minutes in total, inclusive of several calls with the manager there), this issue does not concern me personally as other people are experiencing the same issues and they are well aware of it.


This can take weeks (“within 20 working days”).

I’ve meanwhile contacted Yorkshire Health Solutions a third time (over E-mail) and still… no reply. It’ll be one week without any reply from them if they don’t respond by Monday morning. Maybe they think strategic silence is the better way, but actually it only worsens the situation by reaffirming everything said about them.

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