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Thursday, June 2nd, 2022, 7:35 pm

The Bodies Are Already Piling Up High (and It’s Summertime)

It’s 7PM already. By the time I’m done writing this it might be 8PM. It’s Thursday. Every Thursday the British government publishes a report here, but it failed to release its weekly mortality report. Nothing on time. And no, it’s just a public holiday! So what is going on? Are they gaslighting us. Are they “taking the piss” as we say here?

If you go to, the official portal for data, it says (under cases): “Latest data provided on 27 May 2022″

That’s six days ago. Months ago updates were daily, even during weekends!

Is it a holiday now?

Sort of.

At the top it states: “In line with weekday only reporting, the dashboard will not be updated over the bank holiday weekend. Following the update on Wednesday 1 June, the next update will be on Monday 6 June.”


Recently they started redirecting to a sub-portal of England figures only. It makes the number seem a lot smaller than they actually are. Nice propaganda you got there… anything to encourage people to compare apples to oranges? It’s a long tradition in this portal, as I noted here over the past year or so.

So the UK’s COVID-19 policy in summer of 2022) can be summed up in two words: “HIDE STUFF.” More people die with COVID-19 this summer (or late spring) than the same period a year ago.

It is worth noting that, based on the government’s own official figures, the UK is now at around 197,000 deaths with “COVID-19″ named in the death certificate.

So is COVID-19 at new lows in UK? No! The TESTING (i.e. visibility of the virus) has reached new lows.

This is not the way to solve the issue. It is the banality of fatality. We’re meant to think this is perfectly fine. America (US) lost a lot more than a million citizens to this virus already. Did I say a million? In America they commemorate the 9/11 attacks, which killed less than 3,000, but this thing is like 350 times worse. Will they commemorate and remember the lives of COVID-19 victims 20 years from now (like they did 9/11 victims last year)?

Sad to put it quite so crudely, but at this stage COVID-19 is a virus helped by another virus (or Earth lice) called homo sapiens, who are eager to spread it in the name of man-made activity called “shopping” and “the economy” and “back to normal”. Those slogans and sound bytes have justified a lot of suffering and deaths.

Based on latest available figures, about 100 people per day die in the UK with COVID-19 in their death certificate. That’s a pace of 36,500 per year. And that’s during summer. We can be rather certain that deaths will rise in autumn too, not to mention wintertime. We’ve quit trying to contain the virus. It is inhumane to go “back to normal” like this; we put at risk people who just simply do not wish to get infect at all.

As the World Socialist Web Site put it some days ago, “Officials, media spread complacency as US enters third summer of COVID infections and death” (still many deaths, even in summertime).

The article focuses on the US but it’s like this in the UK also. Many people outdoors and indoors refuse to wear masks.

The state of the UK COVID-19 portal is disturbing. It’s hardly being updated and each day I’m checking “WHAT’S LEFT” of remaining data. It feels like they plan to phase it out completely some time soon. Recently they published updates only on Mondays and Thursdays. Today there’s a missing report for Thursday. I pointed out clear anomalies and inconsistencies in previous reports.

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