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Thursday, August 25th, 2022, 3:07 am

Tale of Three Summers of COVID-19 in the UK, as Told by Yesterday’s Official Numbers

COVID summers: Far better than this year

Week ending, followed by number of deaths, 2022

12-08-2022 674
05-08-2022 802
29-07-2022 923
22-07-2022 864
15-07-2022 696
08-07-2022 529
01-07-2022 412

Total deaths: 4,488

Week ending, followed by number of deaths, 2021

13-08-2021 652
06-08-2021 612
30-07-2021 468
23-07-2021 392
16-07-2021 268
RESTRICTIONS REMOVED (so-called ‘freedom day’; compare figures below to the ones above)
09-07-2021 217
02-07-2021 132

Total deaths: 2,606

Week ending, followed by number of deaths, 2020

14-08-2020 161
07-08-2020 176
31-07-2020 212
24-07-2020 243
17-07-2020 312
10-07-2020 406
03-07-2020 572

Total deaths: 1,510

So deaths this summer are basically treble what they were two summers ago (the breakout). Is that really much progress?

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