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Sunday, December 4th, 2022, 2:56 am

A Fake Company of Fake Size

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Disguised as Open
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Summary: A deeper look at the way Sirius Open Source presents itself to the public (including prospective and existing clients); This is clearly not the company that I joined nearly 12 years ago

THE company in question may not matter as much as the general pattern, as based on recent discussions it seems like several of the abuses are common and can be seen in other companies. But Sirius is the only example that I know well enough as an insider. Moreover, it’s important that it markets itself as “Open Source” and “stress-free”; nothing could be further from the truth.

As noted in the above video (taking stock of yesterday’s posts), the company intentionally fails to remove past workers from sites of Sirius — all in the interest of “looking big!” while the company is minuscule and basically on the brink. Many companies do this (“skeleton crews”), but this one I can attest to personally.

We’ve thus far left out any speculation. We are sticking to facts. It doesn’t look good at all and the way we were treated compels us to speak out.

We don’t know if middle management is rogue or just doing exactly what the founder (no longer CEO) wants, but either way, the outcome is really bad, both for staff and for clients. We can safely assume the founder needs to pay a lot of money to the former wives and the kids (two wives, 4 daughters), but he seems to be dodging payments to them by ‘hiding’ in the US. He does not seem to be settled too well in the US, judging by his lodging on video (not even properly dressed up sometimes). Will support for Donald Trump offer any moral redemption? How many people would trust such leadership anyway?

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