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Sunday, January 22nd, 2023, 12:23 am

30% Increase in UK Deaths, Including Young People

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In 2022, 7.8% more young adults died than in 2019, this is outrageous and demands an official (credible) explanation

Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI) is publishing frequent UK mortality analysis

Today’s updates cover week 1 of 2023 (to 6 January)

Mortality for 2022 as a whole was 4.5% higher than 2019,

but 7.8% lower than in 2020

2.2% lower than in 2021

There is a striking difference in how mortality rates in 2022 compare to 2019 at different ages

2.5% higher for ages 75-84

7.8% higher for ages 20-44

In the UK, there have been around 155,300 more deaths from all causes than expected from the start of the pandemic to 6 January 2023

Of these

72,900 occurred in 2020

47,500 in 2021

31,000 in 2022

In the UK, the second half of 2022

26,300 excess deaths,

compared to 4,700 in the first half of 2022

The number of deaths registered in England & Wales in week 1 of 2023

3,437 higher than if mortality rates had been the same as in week 1 of 2019;

equivalent to 30% more deaths than expected

Cobus Daneel, Chair of the CMI Mortality Projections Committee

Although weekly excess mortality in the second half of 2022 wasn’t nearly as high as the peaks earlier in the pandemic, it was persistent.

This led to more excess deaths in the second half of 2022 than in the second half of any year since 2010.

Excess mortality has been particularly high recently with more than 7,000 excess deaths over the three weeks to 6 January 2023.

Albert Bourla, Chief Executive Officer, Pfizer

World Economic Forum meeting

Series of tough questions about the efficacy Covid vaccine

Thank you very much

Have a nice day

India, minister for state for information and technology. Rajeev Chandrasekhar

Just to remind all Indians, that Pfizer tried to bully Govt of India into accepting conditions of indemnity

2nd December 2020

The UK government has granted pharmaceutical giant Pfizer a legal indemnity protecting it from being sued,

enabling its coronavirus vaccine to be rolled out across the country as early as next week.

16th December 2020

Britain to spend £3.7 billion on vaccines and bear liability, watchdog says

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain has agreed to spend 3.7 billion pounds on COVID-19 vaccines and in most cases will bear the liability if claims are made against the pharmaceutical firms involved, the National Audit Office (NAO) said on Wednesday.

I would like to know what the indemnity/ liability clauses are with the vaccine that is to be rolled out this month.

Furthermore I would also like to know who is liable for any adverse side effects that occur.

The MHRA holds no information on this. We recommend that you contact NHS England for this information,

I would also like to know why Pfizer and the NHS staff administering the doses required full indemnity?

The MHRA holds no information on this. We recommend that you contact NHS England for this information,

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