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Wednesday, July 12th, 2023, 3:04 pm

London Municipality, or Greater London Authority (GLA), Does Not Protect Its Own Workers From Crimes Committed in the Workplace

City of London Police and GLA (London Municipality): We heard Bill Gates signed an NDA; We won't even listen to you

Summary: The London Municipality, also known as Greater London Authority (GLA), turns its back on people who worked on its computer systems for nearly a decade; it’s not convenient to deal with victims of a crime, especially when the crime was committed on GLA’s watch while GLA was sponsoring the perpetrators of the crime

THE series about crimes of Sirius ‘Open Source’ is far from over. What we have here a formerly OK company that even funded the Free Software Foundation (FSF) for a couple of years turning into a criminal organisation, taking bribes in secret from Bill Gates (under an NDA) while besieging and bullying its own staff. This must be treated as a criminal matter, not a civil matter. Arrests should be made as soon as possible.

But what happens when the perpetrators of the crimes are connected to the British government, not just local authorities but also Home Office? Then it gets a little… “tricky”… or “complicated” for them to handle. It’s almost like they’re asked to investigate themselves and hold themselves accountable.

As a recap, so far I’ve contacted:

  1. Greater Manchester Police (repeatedly insisting I defer to Action Fraud after nearly 40 minutes on the phone)
  2. Action Fraud (4 weeks, no action)
  3. My MP contacting Action Fraud (4 weeks, no response)
  4. GLA (London Municipality), whose computer systemd I’ve worked on since 2013
  5. ECVCU Victim Contact/City of London Police
  6. The equivalent of the ombudsman next

It should be strongly emphasised that:

  1. I’m not the only victim. Men and women I worked with are also victims.
  2. None of the steps above resulted in any real progress, except proving that this whole “law enforcement” system is trash
  3. The perpetrators of the pension fraud crime (other crimes aside) got in touch with me personally and did not deny committing the crime

About 5 days ago I sent the following message to GLA, especially senior people there (they know me in person):

City of London Police Does Not Protect GLA Staff Victimised by the Employer

Two weeks ago I wrote to you regarding Action Fraud not taking action and not even replying to my MP upon escalation. After I sent the E-mail to GLA all of a sudden I received a mostly template-like message from the City of London Police E-mail system (ECVCU Victim Contact) and the Sirius Director who was in charge at the time contacted me not denying the abuses but basically trying to discourage me from pursuing criminal enforcement. I assume City of London Police messaged me because you had asked them to. Maybe they even contacted the above-mentioned Director because she contacted me at 2AM.

I responded to the police twice, but they are not even replying (not responding to my second message for 7 days as of this morning) — that’s basically consistent with my prior experiences. Nobody from GLA bothered to even reply to me, despite me working for GLA for many years while my employer (your contractor) defrauded my colleagues and I. There are many victims here, not one. I am therefore going to escalate this higher than GLA (Sirius worked for government departments above GLA) and perhaps the media too.

It does not look good that GLA does not take crime seriously, even crimes committed against its own people, despite GLA being in charge of the police (Sirius is based in London [1,2]).


These messages were definitely received, as there were even auto-responders:

GLA auto-responder #1

GLA auto-responder #2

Not only did they never respond. No real action has been taken to remediate things. GLA is swimming in money, it exploits people who do technical work overnight at 13-14 pounds per hour, and when it turns out those people were defrauded GLA just looks the other way. This won’t end well. We’re escalating this further and former colleague speak of legal action. Seeing how GLA and the police handled this, they’re even worse than the pension firms.

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