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Testing Figures Diminish to Lowest Since 2020 as Government Strategy Morphs Into COVID Denial (COVIDiots in Charge)

Those aren’t cases but tests


IF you are one of the many people who feel like COVID-19 is a thing of the past and it’s time to socialise or mingle like before, then you’re been conned by greedy capitalists who want you back in your ‘cage’ (office space). It’s spring already and we have over 20,000 people battling COVID-19 inside a hospital.

Based on latest NHS figures, the number of COVID-19 patients in UK hospitals increased for 3 days in a row and it is now above 20,000. It’s 15 degrees outside, but many are in hospital beds with COVID-19. How many:

11-04-2022 20,032
10-04-2022 19,611
09-04-2022 19,481

Notice that it increases.

Daily number of COVID-19 patients (admitted to hospital) by date:

07-04-2022 2,212
06-04-2022 2,400
05-04-2022 2,548
04-04-2022 2,420
03-04-2022 2,285
02-04-2022 2,062
01-04-2022 2,109

815,569 Brits have thus far been hospitalised (for COVID-19). Some are permanently damaged. Many will get re-infected. Recovery did not make them safe.

Over 600 reported dead in the past couple of days, a week after the government had also tucked in another 2,700 ‘missing’ deaths.

Meanwhile, testing value has diminished. ‘We’ gradually stop testing people as if the problem just went away. Corporations hardly pursue any permanent solution. Governments like to pretend this is “old news”…

Vladimir Putin Flirting With Genocide

Putin will try to murder him. He has not succeeded so far. Let’s hope he never will. It’s no laughing matter, but…

Can't touch me, Putin!

Reject Decades of Russophobic Propaganda

Stigma shapes perception


ALL sorts of “Bond” films have long created and then reinforced an image like the one shown above (that’s from a computer game, Street Fighter 2). We’re meant to think that Russians are violent brutes incapable of empathy, i.e. Vladimir Putin. But a lot of Russians openly condemn Putin and some do so in a more closeted fashion. Some don’t know what’s going on because of the propaganda and the censorship.

In these times of war please try to avoid the mainstream media. Both sides are government-connected propaganda. Such media does not strive to inform but to garner sypathy. It is intentionally spreading anti-Russian sentiments as if this is morally acceptable because of Putin et al. Russophobia is defined as “fear or dislike of Russia or Russian policy.” In my experience, this quickly turns into hatred of anyone who merely holds a Russian passport, was born in Russia, or has Russian ethnicity. This is racism. And if we don’t condone racism we’ll not tolerate media that promotes racism, either.

Famine and Radiations as Weapons of War; Or: Nobody Will Win in Ukraine

People of Vinnytsia searching for relatives among the exhumed victims of the Vinnytsia massacre, 1937.

People of Vinnytsia searching for relatives among the exhumed victims of the Vinnytsia massacre, 1937. By Ukrainian American Youth Association – Crime of Moscow in Vynnytsia. Ukrainian Publication of the Ukrainian American Youth Association, Inc. New York. 1951, Public Domain. Via Great Purge.

ALONG with rape (of women and children), there are weapons of war that aren’t firearms. Massacres (like the above) are difficult for one’s eyes, but there are even uglier sights than these. Take Terror-Famine for instance. “More than 2,500 people were convicted of cannibalism during the Holodomor,” Wikipedia notes. There are references there, this one being the most prominent one albeit offline (but in the Wayback Machine).

Ukrainian people still remember (the oldest among them experienced it) what the Soviets did to them. Maybe some of the children shown below are even alive today (they would have to be almost 110 in age, at least for the older generation).

Starvation: Starvation/Holodomor

Soviet Genocide against Ukrainian people

Earlier today I wrote that a resolution, not a war, ought to be sought. Nobody wins in wars. Everyone loses. In the meantime, trafficking weapons to Ukraine is likely to perpetuate wars. Send supplies like food and medicine instead. Try to find a compromise like a ceasefire. Some of the sanctions accomplish nothing as they can further radicalise the Russian population, driven (like in Stockholm Syndrome) to sympathy with the dictator.

This conflict is just over a week old. If it doesn’t stop soon, it could end up killing millions. Stop the war. Stop it now. Don’t inflame it.

Putin Has Failed Russians and He Should Step Down Peacefully

Ukrainians are Russian? Yes, so I bomb them. Ukrainian cities are yours? Yes, so I wreck them.

THIS site or Weblog is usually more about technology and about scientific endeavors, not politics. But now we’re at risk of a Europe-wide if not worldwide conflict, maybe even nuclear conflict. Thus, “staying out of it” isn’t a tenable position.

I’ve made my position clear on the matter several times over this past week. Mr. Putin has moved on from caring about how the world views his stance on freedom of press and is now suppressing any media to guard what Russians think of Putin’s Russia and its war, no matter the consequences and irrespective of the freedom of the press.

This week I worry about Edward Snowden and what might happen to him in case the US (or EU) captures hostages. Snowden was all along just a high-profile “bargaining chip” of Putin.

The atrocities I read about in media that I trust (and that’s not a lot of media) are beyond the scope of this blog, but Russians I speak to loathe Putin and want him removed. They don’t agree with the war, they suffer greatly in spite of their opposition to Putin, and we need to put an end to it. Putin isn’t likely to step down (it’s just not his mindset), so one can hope that his compatriots at the higher echelons will dissent, rebel, and maybe remove him as part of a coup. This was attempted several times against Hitler. Putin can spare himself the risk by voluntarily stepping down. If only he actually cared about the Russian people, not just his big ego.

Maybe you should step down. Duh. Duh.

In Case It’s Not Obvious Already…

I stand with Ukraine -

Winning Wars on the Table

The only way to win a war

THE very simple fact is, nobody “wins” wars. Some sides lose less, but everyone loses. In the Second World War, Russia lost by far the most people (Soviets likely suffered the most from the war).

At the moment a lot of people are dying, thousands per day, civilians included. Not to mention harm to nature and buildings, including heritage etc.

Let’s hope that the conflict (war, invasion) will be resolved and end soon. This is the only outcome people ought to aim for. Anything else is dangerous and potentially suicidal.

Suffice to say, oligarchs who don’t participate in (as in join) the army and don’t send their kids there (some of them even profit from weapon sales and/or lending) don’t mind prolonging wars. It doesn’t affect them much. Their stake in the outcome is different from the general population’s (food security isn’t an issue for them). Yes, they also own a lot of the important media, so turn off the TV.

Everyone loses in wars

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